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Are you an independent filmmaker looking for high-quality sound editing services for your video productions?

Look no further than Hybrid Sound Reform! We specialize in restoring and enhancing a wide range of audio content and are increasingly working on sound editing for independent film projects.

Video cam

Whether you're working on a documentary with location recordings or a drama or short film with acting, we can help address environmental noise issues that can arise during low-budget film productions. We have experience removing unwanted ambient sounds that can ruin the atmosphere, as well as the annoying sound of a motorcycle engine entering through a micro mic attached to an actor.

Our services include the removal of noise and audio restoration for poor-quality recordings made by general users using voice recorders and other devices. We're experts in noise reduction that is unique to professional services.

Movie edit

We go beyond basic sound editing and are proficient in adjusting ambiance to create a sense of presence and enhancing the appeal of actors' voices through mixing processing.


We provide sound field expressions that are close to the director's image, handling a wide range of audio restoration, including various noises such as engine sounds, horns, wind noise, fabric rubbing, footsteps, fine noises, and reverberation reduction, as well as radio noise.

We can accept full sound editing for the entire work if a preview video is provided and can provide pinpoint requests if specified by the client. We're flexible in responding to clients' budgets and needs, and we may suggest recovering audio through secondary processing of other audio sources such as camera microphones recorded during filming if damaged audio must be used.


ショートムービー「Bond~このまちしか 君を知らない~」(2019) 

オール静岡市内ロケ敢行により完成したしずおか愛に満ちた短編映画。2020.8月までAmazon primeにて限定公開中



Our experience includes sound editing for overseas documentary films shot in New York in 2019.


Our services can be used as an outsourcing destination for audio editing in various video productions, and we support ProTools session files, AAF, and OMF files.


A free trial for a specific part is possible, and we can negotiate prices based on the scale of publication and the presence or absence of credit for helping with the release of public works.

Although our estimates may vary depending on delivery times, please check our estimate policy for more information. Choose Hybrid Sound Reform for top-quality sound editing services for your independent film and video productions!

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