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About videos that attract people

Nowadays, an increasing number of amateur bands are posting performance videos on video sites such as Nico Nico Douga and YouTube. As long as you post a video, you want many people to view it, but what kind of video is it that attracts people in the first place? Here, what is the video that attracts people by focusing on "band performance" and "live video"? I would like to think about.

Clear video sound source

Video is content that allows you to enjoy "sound" and "video." Therefore, not only the image quality but also the sound quality of the video sound source is required. Especially in live video and band performances, clear, high-quality video sound sources are an important factor that attracts people. Now that the number of live houses offering recording services has increased, it's easy to get videos of your band's performances, but what bothers amateur musicians is "cheap sound quality." In order to clear the video sound source, it is necessary to take measures such as noise removal, but it is still difficult because it is necessary to prepare special equipment to take such measures.

Realism peculiar to live

Many amateur artists are using video sites as "places for band promotion." The videos I mainly post are live videos, but the most attractive thing about live videos is the "realism". It is important to take a picture to express the realism peculiar to the live performance, but it is also possible to express the realism by the sound source. For example, if you can adjust the sense of distance of the sound for each part and create a space peculiar to a live house, you can express the realism just like a live performance .

This is the template for the cool video promotion


Moderate length video


It's okay to have the video played, but it doesn't make sense if you get bored and close it on the way. In order to prevent this, we devise a video sound source to create a "sound that can be heard", but if the video time is too long, some viewers may get bored. One of the means is to make the playback time of the video compact so that you will not feel bored. For example, in a live performance at a live house, each band is given time, but instead of putting all the time into one video, you can divide it into songs to make it compact. This is just an example, but editing with the viewer in mind is a step closer to engaging videos.

I want to make the video sound source clear and high-quality sound. If so, please use the sound reform provided by Sound reform not only carefully removes noise, but also reforms the entire sound to create a "sound that can be heard". On the site, we have prepared a sample of the sound source revived by sound reform, so first of all, please experience high-quality sound with your own ears. If you have any questions about the service content, price or plan, please feel free to contact us.

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