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Would you like to create a hybrid sound source from a live house video?

Many amateur bands do not have the opportunity to make a full-scale live recording. Even though I can hear it properly on the spot, what is the sound recorded in the video? That's right.

Many people accept that it is such a thing. The biggest attraction of the band is the "live sound world". It's definitely more fun to listen to it with a pleasant sound that resonates more than a fluttering sound.

A new sensation service that reforms sound easily and cheaply. Why don't you try it for free for the time being ?

Carefully polish your sound, which is really valuable

Hybrid Sound Reform is a new service that supports the sound quality of amateur music content production. Various "sounds" are reformed with a unique sound quality improvement method that combines astonishing noise reduction and the latest mastering technology.

We will remodel the studio recording sound source, immediate recording, handy cam recording video, live copy band, DTM, VHS, and linear PCM recorder recording performance into a hybrid sound source that you can comfortably listen to.

Since the start of full-scale service in 2015, the number of songs he has worked on has already exceeded 100. We are trying to remodel the sound source in various states. It is different from the speed of technology accumulation because it is a system that does not charge a fee unless the user is satisfied . Depending on the condition, it may not be possible to improve, but we are aiming for the best service to "revive" "faded music" while being inefficient .

User's Voice ♪

First of all, I'm really glad I asked. Until now, it was a sound source that was not powerful no matter how loud you listened to it, but it feels good to listen to. Thank you for doing this much work at a reasonable price.
(Active copy band)

I haven't had the opportunity to record for the past few years, but with the help of your company, I got the feeling that I could make a sound source that deserves an announcement based on practice sound sources and live sound sources. I had it.

(Original 3-piece rock band)

The quick response to the sound source reform was good. I think it was more dynamic than I expected. In addition, I am convinced that the image of the sound source such as video, which has become lonely in the recording environment, will change significantly by reforming. (Indie hard rock band)

I don't want to spend as much time as recording a multi-track, but I often want to upload a video to YouTube with a reasonably good sound, so if I have a chance, I would love to hear from you again.

(Pianist playing)

First of all, I was surprised that the noise had disappeared! Also, I was worried about the "clicking" sound that hits the body. I am surprised that this kind of processing can be done.

(Singer who tried to sing)

Compared to the original data, the sound is cleaner, swelling, and glossy. Until now, I was satisfied with recording with Logic Pro X (live only with vocals and electric guitar) and outputting it as it is, but I was surprised at the difference in sound output when I finished this time. I would like to ask if you can make a song again. I had a good experience. Thank you very much. (DTM creator)

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