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Carefully clean the jarring noise of the piano recital

Sound Treatment (Video & Audio)

Sound treatment

Carefully cleans jarring noise from handycams and smartphone presentations and concerts of piano and instrumental music. It also repairs minor sound cracks. It is processed into a musical piece so as not to spoil the natural presence of the performance. We will estimate based on the work man-hour points that increase or decrease depending on the amount of noise and the improvement level.

* Noise and distortion may not be repairable depending on the degree.



& PCM Recorder


Environmental noise removal


Free estimate & test sound source

Premium Movie

The Emmy Award-winning RX software from iZotope is the most robust and high quality audio restoration toolkit on the market. Musicians, audio engineers, and post-production professionals all use RX to transform noisy, distorted, or defective audio into pure material.

Magical noise clean technology

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Noise removal at a level that exceeds conventional wisdom


Try with headphones.

Specific sounds in the recorded sound image can be removed.


This is an improvement comparison sample that you actually used. The voices of the audience and the "air conditioning", "paper flipping sound", and "camera shutter sound" in the venue have been removed. Please listen with headphones.

Try with headphones.

Sound Treatment

The i-zotope software introduced at the top carefully removes only excess noise. Recordings of delicate solo instruments, etc. will pick up a lot of noise in the venue and make the performance obsolete. Even processing for about 30 seconds requires a lot of time and effort, so the hourly rate is a little expensive.

Free trial Please contact us for any improvements that may not be possible

In hybrid sound reform, we have adopted a trial order system so that you can use the sound quality improvement in a wide range of genres with peace of mind. To be honest, some sound sources are difficult to improve, so users can decide whether or not to adopt them "after experiencing the actual improvement effect."


High technology that can remove iPhone ringtones mixed with video

Before and after review of noise that tends to be mixed in videos




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