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For those who are not satisfied with the sound of live performances recorded in the video

Sound Reform

Hybrid live sound source (noise clean live mastering) creation service

Remodel a simple sound source in a live house etc. into an impactful sound image. High-quality noise removal & live mastering . Create a hybrid live sound source that you can listen to comfortably. We have an online plan for exchanging data online and a delivery plan for storing your VHS, SD card, DVD, etc. All plans use a trial order system that allows you to test the effects in advance and then formally order.

You can remodel the sound source of live house recording and deliver it powerfully.


Do you have the performance data recorded / recorded at the live house? Obviously, the sound source released by the major band as a LIVE work is the quality of cloud mud.

Even if the actual live performance is cool, for some reason the feeling of distributing the sound source on YouTube etc. is withered. Yes, it sounds strange and cheap . It is just a "simple recording" for checking.

Small live house lacks ambience sound at the venue

Most of the live houses where so-called bands book and appear have a small capacity, and most of them are rather small venues.

In a medium-sized music hall or a live house with a class of 1000 people, which is used as a venue by major artists, the ambience (overall sound) of the venue is simply mixed with the lineout of musical instruments and microphones, and the balance is fairly good (about the pride of NHK). You can listen with (sound quality).

Live music programs on TV (when playing without karaoke) are often balanced with similar simple mixes, although the accuracy of the settings is different.

Most of the sound sources recorded by the live house blend the LINE recording with the air (ambience) sound of the venue to make a CD or video, but the recording place is too narrow and it is too close to the band. The biggest factor is not to have a “good feeling” ambience .

Secondary processing is effective for line sound sources

In hybrid sound reform, such a sound source is boldly secondary processed. "Hybrid" simple recording. Special processing such as noise removal, howling noise reduction , mastering , and other instrument rebalancing is performed. Currently, we provide a wide range of restoration technologies mainly to professional video creators and video production companies, but in fact, this service has started from improving the sound quality of this live house sound source. The trial is free , so please give it a try.

A sample of an improved live house sound source about 10 years ago (the technology is evolving now)

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Nowadays, you can change the instrument balance without using an equalizer, exciter, or MS processing.

Nowadays, you can change the instrument balance without using an equalizer, exciter, or MS processing.

☆最新版2023 1発録り​ライブハウス音源が心地いいバランスに。


[Audio Repair]

Use high quality audio repair tools to transform noisy, distorted, or defective audio into pure sound material.

【In particular? ]

・ Noise of "Sir, noisy"

・ Electrical noise called "Boon"

・ Pinpoint noise in the audience (shutter sound, contact sound of tableware, speaking voice, etc.)

・ Howling during MC

・ Excessive input level distortion (limited to mild ones)

It reduces the above noise, depending on the degree.


[Effector Concierge]

A huge variety of effect plug-ins are carefully selected and set. We will spare no effort to bring it closer to the customer's sound image.

【In particular? ]

・ Adjust the sound image of the part you want to stand out

・ Reverberation adjustment that matches the image

・ Emulation processing considering musicality

Depending on the user, there are also those who remodeled the live sound source of one-shot recording with this service and released it as it is on CD. The repeat rate is also high. Please feel free to contact us if you are a band or singer who has your own live performance.

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