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I couldn't get an order even if I removed the noise of a classical guitar.


Many people use this camcorder for music, such as ZOOM's H series, to record their own live performances because it is equipped with a high-sensitivity condenser microphone and can record at high sound pressure.

However, due to the good recording sensitivity, there is a lot of noise when playing back, and there are problems that are significantly different from the image.

I picked up the "air conditioning sound" without noticing it during recording, and received a request to remove such noise.

The solo play performance of classical guitar is very delicate

The person who consulted for noise removal was a video recording of the solo play of "classical guitar" performed at an event that rented a restaurant. The terrace side of the rectangular store was the stage, and there was a kitchen behind the audience seats, and the camera was set at that position.

It means off-mic recording of 4 to 5 meters. Of course, due to the distance from the stage, the noise of the audience seats and the kitchen will be picked up. Perhaps the setting position (= recording microphone position) was just under the air conditioner, "Sir" was mixed in from beginning to end, and I want to make the sound beautiful.

(From a guitarist playing on a video source)

・ Tips for setting to avoid such problems

This service improves the "sound" by keeping the audio in such a state (video, video and recorded by various recorders) online, or sending a DVD or CD.

Since a free trial is available, some of the sound sources have been improved in advance. You will be asked to try the effect before deciding to adopt it. Therefore, if the client's expectations cannot be exceeded, or if the estimated amount does not fit the budget, unfortunately it may be canceled.

The reason why I couldn't get the order even though the noise was removed

It is not difficult to reduce the noise of the air conditioner called "Sir". If it is narration instead of recording music, it will be beautiful to a level where there is no problem. However, this case is a classical guitar that also regards "room sound" as the sound of an instrument. The problem that noise processing affects the delicate tone has been revealed.

When removing noise, the most influential factor is the "feeling of air." The more you scrape, the less reverberation in the room and the more natural feeling you lose. Even though we processed and proposed using several approaches, we couldn't make a "sound" that the customer could understand and couldn't get an order. I cut the noise and add a thin layer of reverb to make it more familiar, but I heard that I couldn't compromise on the tone change of the instrument including the room noise.

It's a pity that I couldn't order it, but it was a good study because I was able to reconfirm the difficulty of removing noise from solo performances of acoustic instruments.

On-mic recording is essential for delicate solo instruments


Off-mic instrument recording includes "every sound" of the place. Rock bands produce loud sounds and small noises are drowned out, which is not a problem, but solo performances of delicate acoustic instruments are especially difficult.

If you are particular about recording acoustic instruments, even if you want to record beautifully, but you also need the sound of the venue, we recommend that you always record on-mic in parallel.

If you only have a video camera as a recording device, use an external microphone and record as close to the instrument as possible (do not put the customer between the performance and the microphone). Or, in addition to video, set a linear PCM recorder (IC recorder) near the performer.

Solo instruments such as pianos and guitars are low in volume, and if only off-mic recording is performed, they will lose to the noise in the venue. Although the momentary rattling noise can be significantly reduced, it is still physically difficult to improve the chat (laughs) of the aunt in the audience who speaks continuously.

If you record on-mic, you can retrofit even the reverberation of a prestigious hall.


If you record on-mic, you can add a slight amount of reverb later. If you are recording in a place other than the music hall, you can get a much higher grade sound than taking an off-mic there. Many of the recent reverbs are of high quality that emulate the actual hall, and many of them are wonderful.

A better sound source for precious performances that cannot be re-recorded

Hybrid Sound Reform provides a service centered on finishing the sound source recorded in video etc. as "sound that can be enjoyed as ordinary music" without full-scale live recording.

In addition to removing noise, it is also common to perform retrofitting such as reverb. You might think, "It's such a foul," but it leaves a performance that can never be retaken as a better sound source, whether it is pseudo or not.

These are called hybrid sound sources, but I think they are one of the options for "listening and enjoying" valuable performances.

Please feel free to apply for a trial .

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