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How to share a large amount of voice data of voice memo (iPhone)

大容量データ iPhone共有方法

Voice memo function of smartphones that is convenient for meetings and meetings. Since I run a service that clarifies voice data recorded by voice memo apps and IC recorders , I often have the opportunity to share large amounts of data (voice data and videos recorded for a long time) that cannot be sent by email.

It 's hard to tell where the audio files on your smartphone, unlike your computer, are stored, right? Audio files with large data size cannot be shared with others, which may be a problem. Here, we will introduce an easy way to share and send iPhone voice memo data to others. Since it is a method using the Google Drive app, I think Andloid will be helpful in a similar way.

For large data that cannot be sent by e-mail, the file is basically shared according to the following concept.

  1. Upload audio (video) files to a vault on the Internet

  2. Have someone else download the uploaded file

* The service that can perform the above is called "data storage service".

For flash memory for iPhone

This is convenient for direct forwarding ➡

Specific flow (Here, Google Drive is taken as an example, so install it on the APP store.
People who have never shared large files
Google Drive is easy.
Google Drive 音声データ

Free Google Drive on APP STORE

Install and pre- configure the Google account settings you are using. You can share files up to 15G with others.

First record

Click the voice memo icon and you will be ready to record. The following Marui button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click here to start recording. Since recording will be done using the built-in microphone of the iPhone, set the iPhone as close as possible to the place you want to record.

ボイスメモ 録音ボタン

Record & stop

The recorded file is displayed

(Blank if nothing is recorded)

ボイスメモ 録音ファイル

Click "..." for the file you want to share

Click the file name to display the play button, etc.

The recorded file is displayed

A share button will appear
ボイスメモ アプリ共有


You can select apps / SNS / mail / etc. that you can share.
ボイスメモ グーグルドライブ


Select a save destination in Google Drive


* For large files in giga units

If you are not in a Wifi environment, uploading will take time and errors will occur easily.

I was able to successfully store the file on Google Drive in the internet space.

The voice memo app ends here .

Launch the Google Drive app and send the upload link to the person you want to share the voice data with

Launch Google Drive → File → Click My Drive to display the screen below


"..." of the file you want to share







Turn on link sharing

At this point it will be copied to the clipboard

The message "The link has been copied to the clipboard" is displayed, but it does not appear, so immediately launch the email or SNS application and click the message part to type in the characters "Paste" .


Click on the blank area to "paste"


Have the person you want to share this string send / download


We introduced how to share the recorded data of iPhone voice memo app with others. If you don't use a computer, you often find it bothersome. Generally, it is against etiquette to send data of 5 mega or more by e-mail. Sharing of large data giga files flights and drop box Let's delivery to upload, such as Google Drive.

Editing & clarifying iPhone recording / video data

Hybrid Sound Reform , which handles "sound reform," also provides the general public with a service to improve the sound quality of audio and video data recorded on iPhones and other smartphones. Please feel free to contact us if you have an audio file that is difficult to hear or a video file that you want to improve the sound.

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