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We accept requests and quotations for audio editing, processing, compositing, and restoration.


In Hybrid Sound Reform, we accept audio editing and various processing of video and audio contents. We provide Hollywood-level noise removal by professional creators, as well as repair, processing, and resynthesis of troubled sounds.

Supports high-quality mix mastering of music for sale, including audio editing of music, movies, narration, game audio, YouTube programs, radio dramas, documentaries, recorded images, BGM music for dance, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for complicated connections and voice resynthesis that are a little impossible.

It is also recommended for those who want to improve the quality of sound sources self-recorded with a linear PCM recorder or IC recorder. Emergency response (surcharge) within 48 hours is also possible (depending on the scale, it may not be possible).

Request flow

① Please provide the following information from the contact form.

・ Various questionnaires

・ Data sharing of editing materials (audio / video) (even after making an inquiry)

・ Request details & desired delivery date

・ Budget

(2) After confirming the data and edited contents, we will present the delivery date and fee, and then reply to the delivery date.

③ Presentation of excerpt sample sound source

④ Settlement of charges (bank transfer / credit card)

⑤ Delivery of master data

BGM editing

We accept cut editing for ballet and various dances. You can freely connect naturally without any discomfort, such as changing the intro or repeating the desired part. Widely supports sound pressure processing and noise removal of live sound sources.


Narration sound adjustment

Convert narration that could not be recorded in the studio to professional class quality. We handle a wide range of content from douujin content to VR YouTuber.


Voice content

Cut editing such as lectures and seminars can be connected without discomfort, and comments can be added from different parts.


Professional recording misrecovery

It may be possible to make a pinch project that you haven't heard about, such as a mistake in recording a pin microphone on a TV program.

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