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Tips for recording music well with a smartphone or camcorder to improve sound quality

Smartphones and camcorders are indispensable not only for everyday life, but also for taking videos of music performances. Unlike the photos that can be confirmed on the spot on the preview screen, the video can be taken beautifully, but there are few people who are disappointed with the sound quality. Here, we will introduce the tips for recording music well to improve sound quality.


Be aware of the input level

When recording or shooting, noise may be mixed if the input level is ignored. This is because there is a limit to the volume that the input device can record. If you input a volume that exceeds the limit of the input device, the waveform will change due to level saturation. This phenomenon of "level saturation ( sound cracking )" is the root of all the evils that cause noise. In addition to generating noise, it also distorts the sound and changes the sound quality itself, so it is necessary to consider the input level when recording and shooting.

eh? I can't set the level ...

There is no level setting in the "Voice Memo App" that comes standard with the iPhone. The iPhone has an excellent limiter function that automatically adjusts the sound so that it does not crack when there is a loud noise. Even if you record in the front row of a rock band that plays loudly in a live house, there is almost no sound cracking. The limiter function is also installed in video cameras and IC recorders, but the quality is perfect. These are better for newer apps and equipment.

Even so, it is necessary to take measures such as covering the microphone part with a handkerchief in a place that is extremely noisy. Many apps, voice recorders, and camcorders have level settings. In that case, be sure to check the points that you can't swing while looking at the meter. If sound cracks occur with amateur equipment, even professionals cannot repair it .

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Prepare the monitor environment (use headphones)


When recording, it is easy to get absorbed in playing, but it is important to use monitor headphones and check the sound when recording.

You aim for the right angle through the screen for images and photos, right? If you want to record with "good sound", in principle, check "what kind of sound you can record" with "sound". Recording with good sound without checking the sound is synonymous with taking a picture without looking at the target.

Headphones and earphones for monitors are essential items for scenes where you want to record beautifully. If you can get something at a reasonable price, you can buy something that is a little pricey. Nowadays, there are many cheap and high-quality headphones, so it is not good if the price is high.

When choosing, it is better to choose headphones that convey all the sounds that do not overlook the noise of the air conditioner called sir during recording. If there is a grade of earphone type with a single selling price of about 8,000 yen, the resolution is high, and it is recommended that even an amateur can easily understand the difference in sound.

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Add an external microphone

Common smartphones and cheap home camcorders are commonplace, but they are not designed for recording music. You can record as it is, but it goes without saying that the quality is the minimum. In particular, the grade of the microphone that captures the sound is directly linked to the later quality.

The benefits of adding an external microphone to your iPhone as well as your video camera are great.

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Improved smartphone and camera settings


The recorded sound quality of video cameras and smartphones differs depending on how they are handled. Even the slightest sound will be picked up, so small surrounding sounds (such as the sound of rubbing clothes) may be recorded. When shooting music performances such as recitals, it is important to use equipment such as tripods and gimbals to create an environment where noise does not enter when you move your hands. The most important thing is to select a place where noise is hard to get in while listening to the monitor headphones.

If you are worried about the sound quality of the recorded sound source , please contact . , Sound quality improvement diagnosis can be performed free of charge by processing such as noise removal by professionals . General users who want to upgrade the "sound" of important videos can easily request it.

Sound cracking trouble recorded in a three-point hanging microphone for brass band

There was a request to improve a sound source with "sound cracking trouble". "Sound cracking" that was almost impossible to repair 10 years ago. Since the digital recording era, there have been many problems during recording.


An example of repairing an unnatural limiter (breathing phenomenon) that occurs in audio when recording a video

The digital limiter operates without being able to suppress the peak volume. An unnatural breathing phenomenon occurs and the voice becomes very unpleasant.


We provided "Sound Reform" to underground idol Chiroru Hoshino. This site was originally started as a service to improve the cheapness of sound quality when recording live house performances.


Removes mobile phone radio noise mixed in band performance (with improvement sample)

When recording a performance with a linear PCM recorder, there seems to be a case where the recorded data gets quite terrible noise if the iPhone is nearby. It is not the noise of the environmental sound of the audience seats picked up by the so-called microphone, but the very strong noise that destroys the audio data itself.

We have worked to reduce unpleasant noise that interferes with the recorded performance.

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