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Are you worried about older voice recorders that can't transfer data?

You can request a high-quality sound service for hard-to-hear voices (recorded materials). It is a convenient voice recorder for recording the voice you want to present as evidence, but there are some models that cannot be transferred to a personal computer because cheap and old types cannot be connected via USB. There are quite a lot of users who consult with us.


Important voices can be lost due to machine failure, which is not good for mental health. Even if you want to dubb yourself, it's very difficult to organize several hours of recordings because you don't know when you can make a definitive recording. You may not have the chance to edit it yourself slowly.

Voice recorder model that cannot be transferred to a PC

If you used to dubb with cassette tape or MD, you can also dubb from the earphone jack using a conversion cable. However, when importing to a personal computer (PC), if there is no dedicated audio converter, it will be affected by the noise of the PC itself, so there is concern about sound deterioration. We are a professional recording equipment that digitizes the original sound without killing it.

We also accept requests to remove such inconvenient voice recorder audio noise and convert it to CD or MP3 data. If you send the recorder body to us, you can convert it to data and back it up to a CD, so you can rest assured.

Conversations recorded with an inexpensive microphone tend to be difficult to hear. With the latest sound quality correction technology, the conversation will be sharply improved.

We also perform flexible editing according to requests and thorough improvement of hard-to-hear parts.

We are happy to help you at a reasonable price. Please feel free to contact us.

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Piano recital

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① Repair the sound source for free and present a sample (up to 2 minutes). You can make a formal request after feeling the effect.
(2) Make better proposals according to the user's budget (avoid unnecessary processing)
(3) In some cases, the estimate was 93% off compared to other companies.

Users who are not familiar with sound and reformers who are friendly to people in need will kindly respond. We quote in the price range that you can easily request. Feel free to quote audio files that feel low in volume.


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