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You can also request video editing (music stage, stage, lecture, etc.)


We also accept video editing for hybrid sound reform. We support a wide range of activities , including stage video of music, lectures, corporate videos , and digest editing of smartphone videos . Please contact us according to your budget and usage, from full HD material shot by professional photographers to live house images recorded with smartphones. When editing a video, you can create a beautiful sound with advanced sound adjustment and mastering unique to the sound quality improvement service.

Total editing of more than 50 stage video contents per year

  1. ・ Orchestra & brass band regular concert

  2. ・ School chorus tournament

  3. ・ Ceremony such as graduation ceremony and school events such as sports festival

  4. ・ Lecture by celebrities

  5. ・ Presentations such as ballroom dance, ballet, and hula dance

  6. ・ Rock band live house stage

Original telop, cool opening and end roll

Authoring to DVD and Blu-ray and data delivery are also possible. There are various editing methods such as cool openers and end rolls using Aftereffects, and creating original telops.


Sound quality improvement service unique to sound creation

Aside from those who even make movies, there are not many companies that are particular about sound as a company that provides video editing to amateurs. Engineers who are familiar with advanced sound conditioning and professional class mastering add value to the "sound" that determines quality. It is also possible to improve only the audio of videos edited by other companies.

Just add two smartphone videos to the common 1-camera eve house video

Today's smartphones such as the iPhone can shoot up to 4K, including full HD 1980 x 1080. The above video was edited by adding a fixed camera of a live house and two iPhones. It will be cool even if you collect and edit the video data of the audience seats. It supports various editing such as combining with lyrics telop and other still images.

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