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It may be the strongest if Copiban copies the sound quality ...

How did you get hooked on a copy band?

There are always some people I know who say "I'm in a band". The potential population is quite large when it comes to playing or having a guitar. Most of them start with a copy of the artist they admire in band scores and codebooks.

There are many good bands that continue to be copy bands for a long time. If you are active in a stable manner, you can stand on a full-scale stage at a live house or event, and even if you don't have the original song, it will be a real experience as a musician, and you will be addicted to its comfort.


With guitars and basses, I also enjoy choosing and setting instruments and effectors to reproduce the sound output. When it comes to keyboards, there are cases where the tone presets used by professionals can be used as they are, and when the entire band can be reproduced in a good way, there is a unique feeling of exhilaration.

There are countless videos of such copy bands uploaded, but the sound quality that is judged to be an amateur even if the performance is good is disappointing . A popular copy van with many views.

A dilemma where you can't experience the stage you play

ライブハウス バンド演奏

There is a dilemma that actors and musicians who perform on stage cannot see "the stage on which they appeared" in the audience . The video on the i-Phone is excellent, and it's easy to see the stage of the shooting itself, but the fixed-point camera is very boring, isn't it? It's strange that images edited from various angles like TV feel more natural.

In the case of a band, the feeling of strangeness will increase further.

Obviously, professional live video works can be enjoyed normally on TV and smartphones. With a theater bar and a good audio set, you can enjoy live performances at home. However, most of the live recordings of amateur bands are far from the professional level and tend to be a little sloppy. The reality is that "I tried playing" that I played at home is rather more popular.

Band sound where sound pressure and sound output are directly linked to coolness

Why is it difficult for the videos I played or sung to feel "samui"? That's because you can predict the sound of a video you're taking a selfie at home, but you'd expect a powerful sound from the band's stage footage.

Song monos and solo instruments that do not depend on sound output have a life-size intimacy. The stage has the best sound pressure on the spot, but the current situation is that it is difficult to put together a cool sound with simple recording . There are usually too many gaps.

The quality of Vocaloid works from Nico Nico Douga

Vocaloid works are already a staple. The quality of the sound source that has been uploaded is high because the DTM creator played a central role in driving the boom. Regardless of whether the music is good or bad, there are many works that are comparable to professionals in terms of sound quality. Rock-like sounds are popular as well as driving, and some players actively participate in various songs, and there are many works that professionals make maskedly. It is common for people who call themselves "singers" to cover popular Vocaloid songs, and even perform vocal mixes and pitch corrections called mix masters. I am very particular about it because of my motivation to send the music to the outside.

The amazing number of views of Goose House, which has been successful in a unique way with all kinds of "I tried to sing" as a weapon.

The vocalist covered the Vocaloid song released in Nico Nico as "I tried to sing". Good quality and high quality songs are lined up.

I don't want to hear it because the sound is subtle though it is the best to listen to it live

It's a waste of a copy band who has a good performance on the spot but can't make it into a work. Fans who like the original song that can be reached by searching the net. If you listen to it in good condition, it may attract attention and attract customers. Even though I'm in a band, I don't have "music content that I can be proud of", so the fun is halved . In a sense, the copy band plays songs that are recognized by the world, so if it's good and the sound is cool, it's the strongest in a sense.

If you want to enjoy the sound source of the copy band more , please contact . is Japan's first unique sound reform (sound quality improvement service) that combines cutting-edge noise removal and mastering . Please feel free to contact us for anything, such as video sound sources recorded with a video camera or CDs recorded at a live house with high sound quality. It can also be used to remove howling during a performance .

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