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What to do when it is difficult to hear the recorded data used in the trial

Divorce to those services, we kindly ask many voice also to be the evidence in the disputed draft matter of such litigation. These days, most conversations are recorded with smartphones and voice recorders.

However, in many cases, it tends to be "difficult to hear" when recording with jarring noise or in a bag or pocket. We provide a service to solve such problems, but it is difficult to make a proposal that fits the budget for long voices over several hours because it still takes some skill and effort to improve severe voice. In many cases. For those who are worried about such " difficult to hear sounds " , we would like to introduce some things that we would like you to know before using this site.

Iron Rule ① Let's know that voice recorders, smartphones, and PC speakers often have the lowest level of playback capability.

Voice recorders, smartphones, and PC built-in speakers are substitutes for "just listen to the sound". Needless to say, beautiful music cannot be played delicately, and in the case of subtle recordings that can be heard or not heard, they cannot be reproduced. It is not suitable for playing sound sources that you have recorded yourself.

Iron rule ② Always listen with earphones or headphones when checking detailed contents

The resolution of earphones used by users who want to enjoy music with a little better sound is still different. After all it is quite different when it comes to the list price of 8000 yen class . Earphones under 5,000 yen are still not very suitable for hearing small sounds. It is recommended to invest here first.

Audio interface that connects to a computer via USB


The PC itself also has a headphone jack, but the boards inside the PC generate a lot of noise, which has a lot of adverse effects on audio. It is always used by musicians and engineers who need to listen to music with good sound or record it on a computer.

(Specs range from about 10,000 yen to hundreds of thousands)

In addition, these devices have a part called a D / A converter that converts a digital signal into analog sound, which determines the sound quality. The above is an entry model, but it has enough specifications for music playback.

RCA stereo cable from the rear pin jack (

If you connect, you can connect the audio of your computer to the stereo AUX and play it.

There are endless choices for high-resolution headphones and music listening, including expensive ones, but the sound is often colored, so the meaning is slightly different from that for professional use. On the left are the standard headphones from a Japanese recording studio, the same ones I use for business. Most of the headphones you see in promotional videos of domestic singers are here. Since the jack part is a thick type, it cannot be used with a mini jack such as a portable player without using a conversion plug.






Even if you take the above measures, "Please contact us for voice data that you cannot hear.

Hybrid Sound Remodeling is a new sensation service that helps you remodel recordings (music / voice). We help improve the sound quality of hundreds of cases a year, from trouble support for professional creators' works (videos, movies, music works) to hard-to-hear audio recorded by general users with an IC recorder .

We have adopted a trial order method that you can try for free so that everyone can use it with peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us.

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