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For those who are worried about the noise removal results in Audition cc

映像制作 ビデオ編集 auditioncc izotope daw ビデオ撮影 ノイズ軽減 ポストプロダクション 外注

Adobe's Audition CC audition is the app used by video creators to remove audio noise. A handy audio editing application that comes with a complete plan user who uses After effects and Premier Pro CC on a daily basis. I think there are many people who use it on a daily basis at the following video level for environmental noise processing during recording.

Full-scale voice repair is not easy

The audition supports full-scale audio restoration that we provide as a service . It supports all types of improvement processing, but in order to determine what kind of processing is best for actual sound troubles, a high-resolution monitor environment that distinguishes between abundant experience and subtle sounds is essential. There are many creators who are not able to properly adjust the amount of environmental noise that is seemingly simple to capture and remove, and rather make it difficult to hear.

Outsource if you hurry to improve voice problems

Audio troubles suddenly emerge as a major problem at the end of video editing if the checks at the time of recording are unsatisfactory. If you're already unable to retake and want to use an unfamiliar Audition on the fly, you'll often run out of time and not get good results.

In such cases, video production companies that do not have an appointed sound control staff, movie creators who produce video with a small number of people, and freelance video photographers may not be able to find a subcontractor immediately.

We accept outsourcing of voice repair and noise removal that are difficult to improve.

At Hybrid Sound Reform, we are always ready for such professional creators' sound adjustment, noise removal, and voice restoration (sound cracking, etc.).

We support hundreds of audio trouble cases a year in various locations such as TV programs, public movies, bridal videos, concerts, lectures, and documentaries.

We provide high-precision processing unique to audio-restoration services to anyone.

In most cases, we cannot publish the actual sample on the site because we often support serious mistakes of our business partners, but we have compiled various improvement reports on our blog .

If you are a creator who is not satisfied with noise processing or voice restoration processing in Adobe Audition, please feel free to contact us.

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