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Enjoy the sound of DVDs taken at a live house

Does the live house use a service that records your performance on a DVD? Recently, with multicam, the close-up image of each member is automatically switched, and the sound quality has improved considerably compared to the past.

However, unlike the live work of the artist released as a work, the sound that feels a little strange will be difficult to hear as a listener.

Even if the performance of mixers and recorders is digitized and improved, it is difficult for the sound quality of simply recorded music to exceed a certain level. Multi-recording and high-level mixing work are essential to sublimate to the level of the work.


Proposal of hybrid live album

The live house DVD is a one-shot recording stereo sound source. It is not possible to rework the mix. However, I imported the 2 mix tracks into my DAW and used plug-ins for mastering. By actively controlling the sound pressure etc., you can create a sound source that you can enjoy quite a bit .

This site provides a service that allows you to easily create a " hybrid virtual live sound source ". We are also pleased with copy bands that you can enjoy as a hobby without having to bother to create a sound source for the band. There are also repeaters who always request after each live.

"I'm sorry I'm not good at every time, but please make it a cool sound so that such a performance can be deceived."

I also get a request (laughs). The copy number of my favorite rock band is completely different from the original sound. A valuable experience for bandmen who cannot experience their own performances in the audience. I am satisfied every time. Why don't you try hybrid sound reform for such a band?

Clear line recording is full of elements that can be fleshed out

Although it is clear, the atmosphere disappears, and the DVD recorded in the live house, which is somewhat lacking in punch, is converted into a powerful hybrid virtual live sound source. It solves the following problems that are common, and makes the sound comfortable anyway.

・ The thickness of drums and bass is revived

・ Sound image production that gives a feeling of air and presence

・ Control of vocal balance


There are many people who are a little confused about uploading live house videos to YouTube, but if the sound is good, you can distribute it with confidence.

Customer Feedback & Improvement Examples

I am very satisfied. It was as if we had the illusion that our playing skills had improved. I felt good. (singer)

First of all, I was surprised that the noise had disappeared! Also, I was worried about the "clicking" sound that hits the body. I am surprised that this kind of processing can be done.

(Singer who tried to sing)

I haven't had the opportunity to record for the past few years, but with the help of your company, I got the feeling that I could make a sound source that deserves an announcement based on practice sound sources and live sound sources. I had it. (Active 3-piece rock band)

First of all, I'm really glad I asked. Until now, it was a sound source that was not powerful no matter how loud you listened to it, but it feels good to listen to. Thank you for doing this much work at a reasonable price.
(Active copy band)

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