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Volume up of recording / recorded data and noise removal service

Improves the audibility of audio recorded with an IC recorder. Are you feeling unpleasant stress when listening to the recorded audio due to volume level problems, rustling noise, echoes at the recording location, etc.? We will improve the valuable audio you want to listen to repeatedly at an affordable price.

Sound retouch W5 (voice)

It is a plan to improve the audibility of voice recorded by voice recorders and smartphone apps.

3 points

① File delivery online.

② You can try the improvement effect in advance.

(3) Estimate based on the improvement level and the number of tasks, regardless of the recording time.

From 980 yen for 5 minutes

(Estimate by processing the actual sound source)

Audio file


1 minute unit

44.1-98kHz (16-24bit)

Free audition file (1-2 minutes)

Online down upload

Easy to hear

Actually process the voice and estimate

Media custody

After making an inquiry, please upload the audio data that is being considered for retouching.

Create test sound source


Test audition

1 to 2 minutes as a guide

Create a test sample.

Estimate according to work man-hours and improvement level processing data amount.

Please download the audition data and get a formal order judge.

Officially order


It is also safe for customers who are worried about the remodeling effect or when the recording condition is particularly bad.

I am improving this kind of voice

Evidence of divorce, sexual harassment, proceedings, etc. Voice | Negotiation record | Talk show and seminar voice | Chorus of noisy children | Telephone interview | Outdoor video interview with a lot of wind noise | Video of a ceremony with a lot of noise |

Reliable quotation style that overwhelms other companies

・ Not based on recording time

We will adjust the processing method according to the user's request and playback environment. In the sound retouch plan, the processing man-hour points are the axis of estimation, not the recording time.

・ Varies depending on the improvement level

Classify the improvement level into ABC rank. Depending on the condition of the original sound source, there are cases where a remarkable effect cannot be obtained. If the processing man-hours are large but the results are not good, it should not be reflected in the quotation.

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