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Voice noise removal technology | Can voice recorder recording noise be eliminated?

A voice recorder ( IC recorder) that is convenient for recording various scenes such as minutes, interviews, and interviews . However, depending on the recording location, extra noise may be picked up. It is not uncommon to have trouble distinguishing the conversation content when playing it later.

What kind of sound source can a professional professional who improves more than 100 such sound sources a year improve? Information such as what tools are used and which can be handled by amateurs is summarized.

ボイスレコーダー 雑音



We are engaged in "music / voice" remodeling service. After working as a music creator and a salaryman, started an independent service. Every day, while receiving work orders from various clients who are worried about sound, I am also involved in video editing for music stages.

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Voice editing technology that can remove various noises and specific sounds

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Voice recorder of noise Speaking hustle and bustle of the city, car horn and engine sound, BGM and tableware clack sound in the coffee shop, in addition to the conference room if turning the article in the paper "Flip" that sound, the sound of the air conditioning is harsh Dattari To do. Although it has been relatively easy to reduce the thin noise of "Sir, Zawazawa", it has been considered technically difficult to remove the strong "chatter" when the coffee cup is placed.

♪ Sample with iPhone ringtone removed during conversation

You've probably heard of Adobe's Photoshop app, a tool that allows you to cut out extra parts from your photos, make girls' black eyes bigger, and edit image data in a variety of ways. With voice (there is a limit because sound is not as clear as an image), a similar process can mute, blur, or remove a particular sound.

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Audio repair tools used by professional voice engineers

An audio repair tool called RX developed by a software maker called izotope, which is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. This application is a standard sound adjustment tool in advanced post-production that deals with Hollywood movies. Various sounds can be erased from the audio data.

Sound editing by visualizing the components of the recorded sound

However, handling it requires experience in sound editing, which is not as common as image software.

It can perform various processes, but it features a spectrogram meter that visually visualizes invisible voice. When you import audio data such as Wav or MP3 into the software, the audio components will be displayed like the above video.

For stereo audio, the video that analyzes the sound components recorded on the two left and right meters is displayed. From this visualized image, find the noise you want to reduce and add the necessary processing. It has various functions such as weakening the sound component, blurring, and resynthesizing (resynthesizing).

It is not possible to improve the entire sound with one touch, and even those who can operate many music-related plug-ins need abundant experience and a high-resolution monitor environment to use it effectively . Aside from those with high editing knowledge, it will be almost difficult for an amateur to handle.

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The sound of the IC recorder is not good in the first place

メディアインタビュー 録音

For inexpensive small recorders used for voice memos, miniaturization is prioritized and recording quality is kept to the minimum necessary.

・ You can't record beautifully unless you're close

・ In MP3 mode, the amount of data is thinned out.

・ Built-in speaker is too cheap

For recordings that require full-scale transcription, it is necessary to bring it closer to the mouth of the person who is speaking as shown in the image above. Many users do not understand this principle.

Is it possible to remove noise using free software?

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If you do a Google search for noise processing, free software such as Audacity will hit the top of the search. Installation is easy but too difficult for a complete layman. Unless you are a hobbyist who handles DAW software on a daily basis, you will spend a lot of time just looking up settings and operation methods.

A voice recorder with excellent functions has a noise canceling function. The noise of "Zawazawa" and "Sur, Shoe" can be reduced to some extent, but loud noises cannot be cut.

Let's think that it is difficult to handle audio data that is quite difficult to hear unless you can master the iZotope RX and Adobe Audition introduced above.

A guideline that professional professionals can repair after recording

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I run a sound quality improvement service and have the opportunity to come into contact with various sound sources, but about 40% of the give-up cases cannot be improved. Momentary noise is relatively easy to remove, but it restores the continuous "Zaah" sound and the "unrecorded sound" that has been completely drowned out by those noises. I can not do it.

In addition, the post-processing accuracy is low for data with a small volume and data recorded with MP3, which is a compressed sound source with low data density, because the distance to the target to be recorded is long. If you would like to refer to more detailed situation-specific cases, please also refer to the following recording example linked article.

Recording examples that are difficult to improve

For noise reduction processing of voice recorder , please contact . is available for professional and amateur recording noise removal and voice restoration. Please feel free to contact us for anything that needs to be shared, such as minutes, audio materials, and audio for trial. We have adopted a safe system in which charges are incurred after trying out the improvement effect of the actual sound source, which is troubled by noise .

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