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Repair / improve remastering of failed mix mastering sound sources

There are many cases where you are not satisfied with the finish even though you recorded and produced a CD at a recording studio operated by Rehasta. It takes a high level of engineer's skill to finish the sound as you imagined. It's like buying a lot of trial and error experience points.


Difficulty adjusting the image of sound making

Even if you are a professional who is active in the line, it is very difficult to adjust to the sound that the composer imagines. In order to get closer to the image, arrangers and bands need to deepen their understanding of recording and have a strong tag with engineers who can share the "image of sound making". In order to make it happen, I will not refuse overseas recording. It is quite unlikely that an hourly pack recording, such as that used by indie bands, will produce the sound as you imagined.

Failure mastering improvement request

The other day, I received a request from an indie band to improve failed mastering. I release a single sound source with 2 to 3 songs every year, but I was not satisfied with the finish of the latest released sound source and consulted.

Relationship between mix balance and maximizer

It was said that the master sound source was left in the studio, so I asked him to send me a CD and listened to it. A clear and easy-to-understand mix and mastering failure. A sound source in which only the sound pressure is high and the drums are crushed, and only the low frequencies are fluffy. The vocal omission, which is the key to the song, is also the worst. The deep-seated problem is the volume of the kick drum when mixing. The biggest problem is that because it was too large, it completely dominated the band around 50Hz to 130Hz, and the whole was distorted around this point. If you have the budget and the environment to start over, starting over from the mix is the best choice.

AI mastering doesn't fail so much these days

iZotope's mastering tool "Ozone" can be automatically mastered by AI since version 8. Anyone can master about 85 points with analysis close to the reference sound source and abundant presets . You can also verify the MIX balance state before mastering. There is even an app called Tonal Blance Contorol , and if you can handle them, the above failure mix will no longer occur.

Tonal Balance Control that determines the mix status when the track is down

Balance adjustment after mixing is possible for 4-piece band formation

In addition, the audio restoration tool RX also has a module called Music Rebalance that allows you to change the instrument balance from a mixed sound source.

Few indie bands can retake the mix

If you have a member who is familiar with mix mastering, you can get multi-data and start over. However, if there are such members in the first place, I would not ask you to mix the studio. Most bands choose to invest in the production of their next work, rather than trying again. That's why a white arrow stood on this site.

The band has released 7 CDs (including Maxi Single & Alum), and if they can improve the failed work, they want to make the best album containing the same song. In order to receive an order for mastering the entire album, we have begun work on improving mastering , which is a difficult task.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a band who wants to concentrate on playing and writing songs in a band without investing in mixing equipment and applications. We accept a wide range of consultations such as multi-track sound source, post-mix sound source, cleaning, retake of mastering and reconstruction of live sound source.

Please leave the consultation of re-mix mastering of music production, sound quality improvement, track restoration, etc. to Hybrid Sound Reform . Free trial is available for repair and mastering. You can officially order after confirming the improvement effect. It is a simple service that can be used by amateur musicians.

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