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A service that converts audio / video data that you want to remove noise to clear

Sound retouch (voice recorder clarification service)

Improved sound quality of voice recorders, IC recorders, voice memo apps for smartphones, and video data. The state-of-the-art audio restoration technology is generously introduced. Clearly improves audio files that are difficult to hear due to poor recording conditions, such as strong noise removal, sound cracking improvement, echo reduction, and volume enhancement.

Estimated price

15 minutes / 2,480-5,000 yen
1 hour / 8,000-20,000 yen

Basic charge

Estimate method based on work man-hour points (P) 35P / 1,840 yen

We will actually take the "sound source file you want to improve clearly" from the user and consider the most effective improvement recipe. Create a partial audio sample that has actually been improved (free of charge) . At that point, the work man-hour points are counted and the estimated amount is presented. You will be asked to decide whether or not to hire.

Concept of pricing

It is not easy to clearly improve the hard-to-hear data recorded by general users.

In most cases, various processes are performed in a complex manner. There are many cases where even if a professional professional performs complicated processing, it cannot be improved. (Recruitment rate from estimate is 50-60%)

If you can improve only a little even if you spend a lot of processing man-hours, the offered price does not meet the user's expected improvement value. In order to avoid such problems, Hybrid Sound Reform estimates in advance samples, work man-hours, improvement level and delivery date.

Basically non-compliant for files longer than 3 hours

Hidden camera sound sources such as 8 to 10 hours are not supported. In the case of video, it is possible to visually grasp the scene where a person appears, but in principle it takes a huge amount of work to confirm the location where "sound is contained" in an audio file with poor sound quality, and we refuse it in principle. ..

If the requesting user confirms all the recorded contents and then can specify the improvement time zone in detail, we will respond if the conditions are met, so please contact us. Please check the service policy for other detailed terms of use.

Recording location with a track record of adoption and content of consultation

Television stations sometimes ask us to improve the sound quality of evidence of politician scandals, but most of the requests are transcribed in spouse unfaithfulness investigations, trials, proceedings, divorce talks, meetings, and lectures. Clarification of recordings that are difficult to do. It is not uncommon to request a video file instead of an audio file.

Restaurant recording in relatively good condition before and after

Cheating site (indoor)

・ I think there are voices of men and women, but the sound of the TV is too loud to hear. ・ Mute the rattling sound so that the content of the conversation can be heard clearly. ・ I can't hear a lot of noise, but only the content. But for the time being, I want to hear as much as I can understand

Cheating site (inside the car) * Low adoption rate

・ I would like you to mute the sound of the car and the motorcycle as a whole for recording outside. ・ Because it is installed under the seat of the car, you cannot hear the voice due to the engine sound and running sound. I want to cut noise because it is difficult to hear the content of the conversation

Cheating investigation

・ Conversation in a karaoke box ・ I want to clarify the conversation between two men talking about cheating in a tavern


・ I want to suppress the sound of the ventilation fan so that anyone can hear the voice and assault sound. ・ I want to understand the content of the exchange during the job question. ・ I want to be able to translate the very difficult conversations that were exchanged in the crowded station yard. I want to reduce the noise around me and the sound of the in-store broadcast ・ I want to listen to the conversation of the data recorded by the IC recorder in the hotel lounge ・ Record the conversation on the phone, I can hear only my own voice clearly and I can hardly hear the other party's voice

Meeting / dialogue

・ I want to clear the conversation because the speaker is speaking downward and it is difficult to hear. ・ I want to transcribe the content of the conversation, but there is a lot of noise and the voice is small depending on the speaker. ・ I cannot hear it because it is unclear.

Lecture & Seminar

・ The echo of the venue is large and the sound is unclear. ・ I want to improve it clearly because it is for transcription.

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