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Eliminate the noise of CDs for ballet recitals

Difficult to obtain task songs in a surprising way

The other day, I received such a request. This is a sound source used for children's ballet presentations. For ballet, if it is a very famous work, you can use a library such as classical music, but there are some programs that are not well known to the general public, so it seems that there are cases where it is difficult to obtain sound sources that can be used as BGM at the recital.

It seems that customers looking for a certain ballet song got a CD from overseas, but they couldn't find a sound source with satisfactory sound quality. The only sound source I got was a video work containing overseas performances. Of course, this is a recording of a hall with guests. Applause etc. are included in the breaks of the performance.

バレエ曲 音声編集 ノイズ除去 BGM 整音 外注

Was there only sound reform?

If this noise can be eliminated, I thought that it could be used, so I searched for "CD music noise removal" and found this site. It is a difficult task to naturally eliminate the strong applause sound, and it was not possible to repair it cleanly with the plug-in normally used for noise removal, but it was solved by a method somewhat similar to a foul technique. did.

Since the beginning phrase of the requested song is repeated, we succeeded in muting the applause sound by copying and pasting the rear part so that there is no discomfort. I cleared the throat clearing and small noise in the audience seats during the song, copied it to a CD, and delivered it.

Since there were not many noise repair points, we made an estimate at a low price, but we were very satisfied and we added a tip and made the transfer.

We are happy to undertake not only ballet but also sound source processing such as dance performances that require editing. We will correct the sound quality according to various needs, such as filling the difference in sound quality for each song and strengthening the sound pressure that is as powerful as the live band. Please feel free to contact us.

Before-after sample to remove the voice of children in the audience ↓



00:00 / 02:20
00:00 / 01:30

Voice confirmation before charges are also smooth

You can test the sound reform by sending the media (CD, DVD, etc.) of the sound source you requested, or by storing the data with a free storage service on the web.

Only when you are satisfied with the improvement effect, you can make a formal order .

Dedicated processing of sound sources for recitals and live performances

Recently, there are countless underground idols, and I think there are groups that use karaoke sound sources for live house performances. The problem is that the quality of the karaoke sound source is low. We also offer processing that makes songs easier to sing, and sound pressure processing that emphasizes the mellowness of dance sounds.

For sound quality improvement, please contact . is Japan's first unique sound reform (sound quality improvement service) that combines cutting-edge noise removal and mastering. Please feel free to contact us for anything, whether for commercial or private use, such as seminars with broken sounds, presentations of musical instrument performances, and improvement of sound quality related to videos . There is a trial order system where you can try the effect for free with short voice. I will be happy to challenge the sound source that I really want to do something about.

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