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Request for noise reduction of videos and voice memos

With the spread of smartphones, video recording and sound recording are familiar to many people. It's already commonplace to see videos taken by amateurs on TV news.


Sometimes the video you shoot happens to be an important record (memory) for you. Have you ever encountered a case where the video looks good but the sound isn't good enough?

This service is a service that helps solve the "sound troubles" that accompany such videos and recordings.

We handle hundreds of cases of noise processing and clarification of videos and recorded data that are difficult to hear each year.

Voice memo sound quality improvement adoption rate is 60%

This service provides everyone with cutting-edge sound quality improvement technology. In addition to requests for professionals such as movie creators, various video production companies, professional video photographers, and support for music production by musicians, the sound quality improvement of voice recorders is often requested by a wide range of general users.

Voice recorders also have the characteristic of being used in various scenes, and there are some terrible sound sources that are almost inaudible.

In particular, although it is necessary to translate as "evidence" for each dispute trouble or negotiation, there are many opportunities to help those who are in trouble because the conversation content cannot be picked up, but after all improvement of recorded data of voice memo with low voice quality

The probability is 60%. The hiring rate is much lower than the trials we are doing for professionals. To be honest, it is very inefficient as a business , but we want to provide it to "those who are really in trouble" who want to manage important recordings that can never be re-recorded .

I am improving such a recording

Difficulty of improvement / Contents of handling (excerpt)

B Noisy family-less conversation

A Conversation at a noisy tavern

A Meeting record (voice is far away)

Lecture at Society B (The venue echoes and is hard to hear)

A Conversation over the phone (the volume of the other party is very different)

Conversation in Room B (divorce talks)

Audio recording in room B (situational evidence)

Interview with B company for sexual harassment

B Conversation between construction trouble personnel

A (video and audio) I can hardly hear the greetings at the outdoor ceremony

C (video and audio) reception Clarification of band performance

B Conversation during work in the warehouse (dispute)

Please try with the sound source you are considering

Of course, it is not all-purpose, but we handle hundreds of various sound quality improvements a year . Please try the free trial with the sound source you are in trouble with. Describes how to use the service . Some sites charge a large amount as a diagnostic fee, but it is the user who judges the improvement value of this site. Please feel free to contact us.

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