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Profile as a video editor and major commercial video works


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  • EDIUS PRO 9/8

  • TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6

  • Adobe After Effects CC

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Video production overview

We mainly deal with package contents produced by video production companies.

Professional movie photographer (1 turtle to 6 turtles including fixed shooting materials are taken care of and the entire process up to the master disk is entrusted.

(In some cases, the material taken by the client himself is cut and edited)

Original opening and ending (end roll) with directing elements such as editing, color correction, telop, and after effects.

DVD / Blu-ray authoring (including menu screen design).

Mainly focused on student music stages (brass band regular concerts and chorus contests)

Ballroom dance, hula dance, Japanese dance, athletic meet, graduation ceremony, baseball, rugby (match + making)

Customer service role-playing, in-house meetings, medical symposiums, etc.

  • 2017 results 50 works per year

  • 2018 results 42 works per year

  • FY2019 results year

Elementary, junior high and high school chorus, brass band, music presentation (composition ratio 60%)


Concerts using the music hall and gymnasium. Many works with 3-4 turtles.

In the case of a music hall, the sound from the three-point hanging microphone is used as the main sound, and the microphone used by the moderator is mixed on the line. In venues where audio equipment is scarce, such as gymnasiums, stereo recording with a microphone in front of the stage + audio mix with a linear PCM recorder.

Package configuration example | Music presentation
  1. Opening (using performance cuts during rehearsals and attendance at the venue)

  2. Practice scene (recorded on another day of recorded documents)

  3. Part introduction and interviews with participating members

  4. Production stage

  5. Ending (production digest + see-off / end roll)

The DVD / BD menu screen is an original design by synthesizing the illustrations of the presentation pamphlet. It is possible to create motion telops that include not only characters but also illustrations as telops during performance.

The chorus of junior high school students is very beautiful and the school songs that they put effort into are really wonderful. Recorded videos of junior high school students, whose facial expressions and voices remain fresh, are valuable. In addition, the brass band club of the class that wins the prefectural qualifying has a cool production and the performance itself is highly complete and fascinating.

The brass band club of junior high school students is conspicuous for beginners, and there are many subtle performances of J-POP hit songs other than the songs for the tournament, but the level goes up at once in high school. Practice scenery outside the performance I feel that the documentary is also highly valuable because it gives you an atmosphere unique to that generation.

Ballroom dance presentation (party), Japanese dance, music class presentation (composition ratio 16%)


A standard shooting material for a ballroom dance party in a hotel banquet hall, etc.

・ Two manned cameras from good and bad + unmanned (overhead view of the venue)

・ BGM and MC are on line, and other on-site sounds are mixed with the cameraman's gun microphone and the bird's-eye view camera's ambience microphone.

The ballroom dance recital will be a party format, and after the students have finished the dance presentation with the instructor, a dance show will be held only for professional dancers (dance instructors).

Package configuration example | Ballroom dance

Amateur Edition Disc.1 / Disc.2

  1. Opening (digest of all performers)

  2. Production stage

Professional Edition Disc.3

  1. Opening (digest of all performers)

  2. Production stage

  3. Ending (Lecturer see-off / End roll)

There are 10 types of ballroom dance presentations for each standard Latin, and the range of music types is wide, so you won't get tired of editing. Depending on the organizer, the production using full-scale lighting and gorgeous costumes are gorgeous. The performances by professional dancers look great on the screen and add a special atmosphere to the video work. Since there are many parties that can be starred from other classrooms, it is very hard work to create telops with many participants, such as song titles and participants (pairs).

Recorded video of sports such as student rugby and baseball (composition ratio 12%)


Although the number is not very large, I am also in charge of editing adult baseball and rugby. In the official game of student baseball, there are restrictions such as not being allowed to shoot video from the center, so it may not be possible to configure it on the basic screen of common TV broadcasting.

Rugby can be configured as a TV broadcast image as it is by taking a bird's-eye view from a hill and shooting 3 turtles on both sides (it seems that it can also be applied to 4 soccer etc.). (Movie photographer skill is required for telephoto shooting of sports)

Package configuration example | Student rugby
  1. Opening (using pre-match practice cuts, etc.)

  2. Practice scene (recorded on another day of recorded documents)

  3. Pre-match record document

  4. Main game

  5. Post-match record document

  6. Comments by member

  7. Ending (member introduction, match result telop, famous scene slide show, etc.)

The student rugby population is likely to increase at the World Cup held in Japan. The work I worked on this year was designed with reference to the score telop at the time of TV broadcasting. High school rugby also has a strong youth element of sweat and tears, and it is dramatic, and practice scenes other than games are also exciting.

Business videos (lectures, in-house workshops, etc.) (composition ratio 12%)


We also handle business-related video editing such as lectures by inviting guests at hospitals and universities, and customer service role-playing. This is also a bird's-eye view (unmanned) + manned 2 turtle shooting is sure to respond flexibly to the facial expressions of the performer and the moderator, shooting the projector screen, etc. The PowerPoint image transferred at the venue may be replaced later in the video.

In the case of a certain university hospital, a national celebrity and a manager sometimes gave a lecture, and in some cases I felt that I was able to hear a valuable story.

Please feel free to contact us for video editing requests.

Hybrid Sound Reform also accepts business class video editing that requires voice quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your own camera materials other than professional photographers.

If you are requesting video editing that is particular about "the presence of sound"

Hybrid sound reform

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