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Vocal removal service | For those who want to get a non-existent karaoke sound source


There are many songs that are not Western music or singles, and you can't get karaoke. There is no end to the demand for this service, which provides high-level sound reform, to remove the "vocal (song)" part from a specific sound source . Until now, it takes time and effort to introduce the latest application ( TRAX PRO3 ) and make trial and error, and in many cases good results cannot be obtained, so we think that it is difficult for us to actively provide services. I did.

However, new features added to the latest version (iZotopeRX7Advanced) of the most frequently used audio editing app for sound quality processing work make it relatively easy to remove vocals with fairly high accuracy (as of October 2018). Of course, it is not as good as the one that the artist distributes as an official instrumental (karaoke) sound source on CD, but you can expect a sound source with higher quality than the sound source with the guide melody of the karaoke box.

Uncompressed sound source such as wav is indispensable for beautiful vocal removal

If you want a beautiful effect like the example in the above video, it is essential to use uncompressed original sound source data. Sound source data such as mp3 and AAC is a compressed sound source with more than half of the data thinned out, so the same effect cannot be obtained. In many cases, it is converted to a compressed sound source when uploaded, even if it is downloaded from YouTube. In this case, even if you download with wav, the data once thinned out will not be restored.

MUSIC REBALANCE deep-learns the components of the music and resynthesizes the sound image components you want to adjust.

When requesting vocal removal, it is absolutely necessary to provide the original CD and high-resolution audio sources from the official distribution site. Depending on the usage, it may contribute to copyright infringement, so please limit the sound source after removing vocals to personal use and use it at your own risk. Please check this service policy for details.

If it is a song of about 5 minutes, we will accept it for 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen. Not all sound sources are completely removed like the sample from the app maker above. After a bold vocal cut, carefully remove the sound image residue like "ori". If there is no problem roughly, it is possible to make a minimum estimate only for automatic processing, but if you want an essence close to the original sound source, we will perform detailed post-processing and remastering, so we will adopt an estimate according to your request.

In addition, this MUSIC REBALANCE can also control the rhythm, vocals, and bass volume of sound sources that cannot be remixed. The degree of freedom for adjusting the balance of tunes, which could not be improved by mastering-like editing, has expanded.

Feel free to try our free trial .

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