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Why the sound quality of performances taken with a smartphone feels cheap


With the spread of digital cameras and smartphones, anyone can take pictures and videos immediately. Videos shot with smartphones are now used on a daily basis in TV news and other media.

While it is possible to shoot with high-definition level high image quality, the priority of "sound" is still low, and most of the microphones installed in mobile terminals are of the minimum quality. Even if you have a good microphone, you need to know how to record the sound beautifully.

I think most people think that the recorded "sound" cannot be fixed, but recently there are voice repair services that can be easily requested .

There is almost no recording manual for beginners

CD-class digital recording can be fully supported not only by a single voice recorder, but also by a smartphone app. After all, it's best to know the "spoofing" to get the best out of your microphone performance.

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There is no choice but to set the sound you want to record in various places, listen to the sound you hear (experience) on the spot, and the recorded sound, and check the sound quality error. The know-how for professionals is to learn and accumulate by repeatedly experiencing it. It depends on the music and instruments played in the same venue, the number of guests and the temperature, and even professionals take great care to achieve the same results.

However, when an amateur shoots a video, the priority is to include a "picture". Most video creators or professional photographers take pictures with "sound" in mind.

The reason why music performance videos taken by amateurs are not good

Should the copy band put up with cheap videos?

Video as a "memorial" to share with family and friends does not need quality. The only thing I care about in terms of sound quality is the "cracking" noise of touching the microphone. However, when recording musical instrument performances, it is necessary to change the way of thinking a little.

If you shoot with priority on "pictures" as usual, you will not be able to record with "good sound" as a matter of course, and you will lose the sense of reality. In reality, even a performance that touches your heart tends to be cheap for some reason. This is because music and sound quality are inextricably linked.

The most effective thing with the limited equipment that amateurs have is to monitor the "sound" while shooting a video . Be careful with your level settings and find a place where you can hear it comfortably.

It is also recommended to set a linear PCM recorder dedicated to " sound" in the best position separately from the video. Video editing software can easily synchronize audio.

If you have any problems with the sound quality of smartphone videos , please contact . The line recording sound source recorded in the live house and the amateur content recorded on the smartphone will be reconstructed into a happy live work. There is a trial order system where you can try the effect for free.

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