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Easy music distribution even for girls

"Musical instrument playing" is one of the masculine hobbies, but nowadays, more and more women are enjoying playing musical instruments such as guitar and bass. The way to enjoy music is not limited to playing, but is expanding to music and video distribution such as "I tried to sing" and "I tried to play". As the momentum of girls' bands expands, there may be some who want to easily distribute music and videos.

The charm of a girls band

The most attractive thing about a girls band is the gentle and delicate performance peculiar to women. Depending on the direction of the band, some bands have the same power as men, but there are many who yearn for the gentle and cute performances of girls' bands. In the heyday of the band, bands centered on men dominated the music market, but nowadays, girls' bands are gradually emerging, and there are many fans regardless of men or women. Now that girls' bands are easily accepted, it would be desirable to actively distribute music and videos to appeal to them. In particular, bands with a dream of going from indie to major can't help but miss these blessed opportunities. Why don't you focus on music distribution to further popularize girls' bands?

Easy music distribution for both girls and boys (video distribution)

Nowadays, you can listen to demo tape sound sources and sample songs by accessing the band's homepage, and you can browse various performance videos on video sites such as YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. Many people are influenced by these sites and want to distribute music (video). In today's world where smartphones and personal computers are widespread, music distribution (video distribution) is no longer difficult because it is easy to record music and shoot performances. Of course, mastering is required for demo tapes and music samples, and video editing (encoding, cutting unnecessary scenes, etc.) is required for performance videos. However, now that you can edit with high-quality editing software or free software that you can get for free, it is not that difficult. Today is an era in which music distribution and video distribution can be easily performed. If you are interested in it, please try it.

Please contact if you would like to distribute high-quality music and performance videos. The sound quality improvement service provided by performs processing such as noise removal to improve the sound quality of the sound source. Please feel free to contact us if you want to outsource professional mastering at a low price, improve the sound quality of demo tapes and video sources, or reform the sound of old videos.

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