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We accept outsourcing of sound adjustment and audio editing for audio books and various audio contents.


We accept outsourcing of audiobook sound adjustment and audio editing.

With Hybrid Sound Reform , you can request sound adjustment and audio editing for audiobooks distributed by Audible, LisBo, etc. Even if the quality of post-production work is almost the same, the actual situation is that the price difference is wide depending on where you request it. We look forward to hearing from companies that are considering expanding their content.

Live-recorded lecture content is also available

In this service, we handle a wide range of sound adjustment work, including movie works with many outdoor locations, analog archive sound sources from the Showa era , audio dramas recorded with binaural microphones , and general voice recorder recordings. Live recording lectures with harsh recording conditions are also available. Strict sound sources also eliminate negative elements and increase the value of audio content.

音質調整: 広告コンテンツ利用にも使用に耐えうる、音量、音域、イコライザー(EQ)、コンプレッサーなどを適切に調整し、ナレーションをより心地よく、聞き取りやすい音質にします。

ミックス: BGMや効果音の適切なミックスを行い、より豊かで聴き応えのあるナレーション作品を制作します。既に完成したコンテンツの部分的な差し替え作業や動画のライムラインにリンクしたMA調整も対応。

We are working on various sound sources

It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Tempu Nakamura is the father of Japan in self-development. Active in the Showa period, prominent business people and charismatic managers participate in the lecture. A huge amount of analog sound sources left on open reel tapes are collected. In charge of sound adjustment and mastering .


Corporate business partner

International Language House

Okayama Prefectural University

COLOPL Co., Ltd.

Public Opinion Times Co., Ltd.

Portore Co., Ltd.

Lean On Me Co., Ltd.

NPO corporation Turtle Eight

Nakamura Tenfu Foundation

Japan Foundation Japanese Language Center

Nihon Keizai Shimbun Maebashi Branch

Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.

Meiho Fatilicy Works Co., Ltd.


  • 専門知識と経験: 高品質な整音・ミックスを提供する専門知識と豊富な経験。

  • 明確な料金体系: 利用者が予算を事前に把握しやすい透明な料金体系。

  • 納期オプション: 利用者のスケジュールに合わせた柔軟な納期設定。

  • 無料サンプル提供: サービスの品質を実際に体験できる無料サンプルオファー。


Finishing sound quality correction and high quality of the narration, we have heard the repair of trouble voice by recording mistakes. We have adopted a trial order that keeps problematic voice data and provides actual samples for free .

We have abundant improvements and delivery records such as documentaries, movies, self-produced movies (including student works) variety shows, YouTube contents, binaural recording contents , company introduction video interviews, and outdoor location audio. Please feel free to contact us.


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