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ZOOM Archive Video | Improves audio difficulty

Requests for sound quality improvement of archived videos (seminars, etc.) using ZOOM are increasing for hybrid sound reform, which is a specialized service for sound quality improvement.


ZOOM is rapidly becoming popular due to the influence of the corona. Those who have hosted seminars, etc. have also increased the need to reuse captured videos.

I checked some captured videos in detail from a client who is having trouble with the volume and sound quality of such videos, but the volume and sound quality are not good .

When capturing video, audio has a sampling rate of 32kHz, which is less common. The sampling rate, which can be said to be the resolution of audio, is about 30% less than that of MP3s and CDs, and the overall sound quality is muffled.

It can be said that the sound quality is due to prioritizing the merit of reducing the amount of data in order to avoid line delay in real-time conversation.

It's like a cheap noise gate 30 years ago

In addition to low resolution signals, the quality of the noise gate function to prevent environmental sounds around the speaker such as "sir, shoe" is honestly not good.

The noise gate opens the door (gate) when the performer begins to speak (exceeds a certain volume), and closes the door (when the volume drops below a certain volume) and makes no sound.

In other words, it is a convenient function to prevent the noise generated behind the microphone when the performer is not speaking, but this noise gate function adopted by ZOOM causes another problem.

Can't you hear the performer's words?


When the volume is turned down, the timing to turn down the volume is too quick, so the voice of the performer whose ending is not clear tends to disappear only at the end of the word. If you don't speak well like an actor or narrator, the words will be cut off and it will be very stressful. In addition, poor reception of wireless microphones may lead to complaints from viewers.

Avoiding meaningful seminar quality degradation

Distributors may be unfamiliar with microphone settings, but if you want to archive lectures and seminars, the content will be less attractive if it is difficult to hear. Would you like to improve the video and audio in such a state later?

Hybrid Sound Reform also supports improving the sound quality of ZOOM archived videos.

It provides amplification of the overall volume and clarification processing that makes the conversation content easier to hear. The ending that has completely disappeared cannot be restored, but it is possible to lift the smaller ending finely. Please feel free to contact us.

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