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Saxophone player's (original song) mix mastering

Saxophone player's (original song) mix mastering


Under the influence of the corona, it is natural for musicians who are unable to perform live activities and who are in a nest to go to songwriting. During this period, the number of requests for mix mastering of home-recorded songs from musicians who are usually active mainly in live performances increased for this service, which handles sound quality improvement services.

Due to the service strategy, we specialize in restoration-type audio editing such as noise removal and audio restoration, but the range of defense that can be supported by audio and video is extremely wide.

We do not accept on-site recording, but since we were aiming to be a recording engineer in the first place, we can also handle mix mastering of various musical works.

Songs that helped mix mastering

Live performance + sequence track up one grade

If you can't record at the same time in a band style, recording at home using a DAW is probably the most efficient way to create music. Except for the main part of live recording such as vocals and saxophone, it can be said that the mainstream production method with the highest cost performance is to type in with a sequencer or make a track with sampling material.

The major DAW software Cubase and Logic are equipped with software sound sources that can be used by professional musicians as they are, and the quality is also higher than in the MIDI era when external sound sources were heavily used. However, even with such a sound source, long experience, expertise, and other skills are required to mix it so that it can be sublimated to the next dimension.

Sometimes only self-recording instruments are cheap

Due to the quality of the software instruments and sample materials, and the lack of quality of the main tracks such as vocals recorded by themselves, it is not uncommon for only the leading part to feel cheap.

The quality of live musical instruments and vocal parts can be greatly improved by just using the compressor.

This service supports such mixed problems at an affordable price. Of course, it is possible to mix or request restoration of only the main tracks, not the entire song.

Cleans up noise mixed in at home recording

Noise is always a problem when recording at home. Even if the sound is clear, a highly sensitive condenser microphone will pick up even the small sound of the hands of the clock. In addition, useless room reverb is added, and it is difficult to make clear recordings as it should be.

If the arrangement of the orchestra is lively, you may not be concerned about the small noise. However, the compressor or limiter may make the noise more noticeable, or the tone may look strange.

With hybrid sound reform, even severe sound sources are converted into clear tracks that are easy to mix. Depending on the degree, it also supports a wide range of repairs for sound cracking and other voice problems. Negative recording material will also be raised to studio quality.

We provide mix and mastering that can withstand distribution releases at high cost performance. Please feel free to contact us.


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