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Responsible for improving the sound quality of Mr. Tempu Nakamura's lecture collection

 Mr. Tempu Nakamura is a person like a father who has famous managers and athletes who are known in Japan as members and spread self-development thinking and concrete training in Japan. Even after his death, he continues to gain support from many people who sympathize with the idea. A valuable sound source recorded on Mr. Nakamura's Showa era open reel tape recorder was discovered, and its release was long-awaited.

Valuable analog tapes had already been digitized, but there was a lot of hiss noise peculiar to analog tapes , and it was a little difficult to hear as a modern quality level . A CD collection that hybridizes it with the latest sound quality correction technology is "Hone your mind."


This service provides a wide range of sound quality improvements not only to professionals but also to the general public. I am worried that the effect of the service that improves the invisible sound is reasonable for the amount of money . We offer a free trial to avoid the risk of such users. We helped with the audio editing and sound quality improvement of the CD collection because we gained the trust of the users who experienced the trial and actually experienced the effect.

Quite recent noise removal technology

I couldn't know the details of the recorder and microphone used in the original sound source, but the sound of the recorder, which would be expensive for the general public, was of good quality. However, as mentioned above, noise is a concern in the current digital audio environment. I would like to briefly summarize the noise purchased here.

・ His noise → Noise called “shoe” unique to analog tape. It tends to stand out especially in low-level areas. Basically, it keeps ringing at a constant rate during playback.

・ Hum noise → Noise caused by the electrical system where the frequency of 50Hz / 60Hz of the AC power supply is mixed through cables. The main component is the bass range, and a "boom" sound is produced.

・ Other environmental noise → The sound of the body hitting the microphone, the sneezing inside the venue, and the noise of cars heard from outside the venue.

Roughly speaking, the above noise is mixed. Most of hiss noise and hum noise can be improved by automatic processing, but for "other environmental noise", while the accuracy is improved, fine adjustment by hand is still required.

Although the recording time may be very long, we limited the environmental noise to only the important parts so as not to spoil the presence of the lecture.

The difficulty level is high, but the current sound quality can be improved so far ↑↑

Natural voice editing at a level where it is not possible to distinguish between phrases and cuts of specific words

This is the template for the cool video promotion

It was voice editing that took a lot of time to edit. "Hone your heart" is also sold with a text that describes what is being said on the audio CD. Therefore, inaccurate words and expressions are thoroughly scrutinized, and extra phrases and specific words are cut by voice editing. These edits are done with software called a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Cuts, stretches, and processes audio material. If you can handle the software to some extent, the work of cutting and pasting is not difficult. Technically, seams can be completely cleaned.

However, it is important to have a direction that does not make one listener feel that "cut and pasted" while adding the "pause" of the phrase.

It also corrects the sound quality of lectures in different recording locations.

It is a collection of 14 CDs, but there are various lecture locations and recording times. Since the recording location is different, the recorded sound quality will be slightly different for each lecture. The sound quality is adjusted so that the overall sound quality is unified. We perform total mastering of audio data that has been edited and noise removed.

We select files that are the standard for easy-to-hear sound quality, and based on that, we perform delicate editing to bring the sound quality of other files closer.

In addition to mastering and mixing delicate music content, we have a wide range of sound creation know-how such as cutting-edge audio restoration (voice restoration), and abundant "negative voice improvement results" that dealt with a lot of amateur content in poor condition. .. We may also receive requests for improvement from TV program production companies, such as recovery from microphone recording mistakes .

Please feel free to contact us.

No matter how wonderful the lecture audio is, poor sound quality can cause extra stress and make it difficult to concentrate on the content of the story. Please contact for recordings that you would like to spread to a wide range of people or commercialize as content . is a service that specializes in improving sound quality. We also accept recording mistakes that cannot be retaken, very delicate sound quality correction, and bold audio editing. Since the trial is free, you can try the improvement projects that seem impossible without risk.

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