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The sound quality of the video is an important point that affects the degree of perfection

Posting videos that are worrisome when the sound is bad

The influence of television has declined worldwide, and the video playback time on YouTube has increased dramatically. It is not uncommon for friends to post their own videos due to the improved recording function of smartphones.

YouTube handles professional video content (music clips, animations, TV programs, commercials, etc.) and amateur smartphone videos in parallel. When you want to listen to music, you searched for the song you were interested in, but you couldn't find the real thing, and when you saw an amateur karaoke video, you found it annoying.


Since the video shot with a smartphone or the like is a fixed one-angle video, it can be immediately judged that it was posted by the general public. Therefore, the quality can be predicted at the time of preview. However, in the case of audio, it cannot be judged until it is played back, so if the sound is worse than expected , it can be said that the level of discomfort is higher than that of video .

Don't underestimate the number of headphone users


The headphone (earphone) corner of the electronics retail store has been expanded, and the product lineup is unprecedented, proving the needs. With the spread of Airpods and the like, it is becoming more common to listen to audiobooks while taking a walk.

Since headphones can hear the sound well in every detail, users are more interested in sound quality than ever before.

Sound quality measures are essential for those who post videos

Sufficient quality can be obtained if the video and audio recording of the iPhone can be recorded at a certain volume in a quiet place. However, there are increasing cases where people feel uncomfortable because they pick up a lot of extra noise outdoors or in a noisy place .

In places where many people gather, such as seminars and lectures, it is essential to record at a position close to the mouth. In addition, even in the case of remote recording at home, the air conditioner and daily life sounds may be included and the sound may become "subtle".

Be sure to implement the minimum sound quality measures for videos that you want many people to watch or need to watch .

The latest noise removal technology is amazing.

Although it is a technology that the general public does not have much chance to know , advanced audio repair tools (specialized software for voice restoration) are usually used for noise removal in the field of movie production and TV recording. There is a comparison video, so please listen to it.

You can do this kind of audio repair.

"Sound" that unknowingly appeals to the five senses because it is invisible

In order to make effective use of the mechanism that makes money from video content, it is essential to take measures to improve the number of times the video is played and the viewing time . Of course, the content is the best, but in videos with many rivals, a slight commitment makes a long-term difference. Don't forget to record the sound as an important point where the quality is unknowingly judged.

It's best to record the video with careful preparation, but not everyone is in that situation. One of the options is to ask a professional service for voice that is difficult to improve after the fact.

For sound quality improvement, please contact . is Japan's first unique sound reform (sound quality improvement service) that combines cutting-edge noise removal and mastering. We help you improve the sound quality , such as cracked seminars and improving the sound quality of YouTube videos . Please feel free to contact us for anything, commercial or private.

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