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Free trial if you feel that the sound recorded at the live house is dull


Manga / Kazuhiko Abe

① A new type of sound quality improvement service !!!
・ There is too much error with the sound output at the venue
・ Sound quality that lacks flesh and is fluent overall
・ The instrument balance is unnaturally lost.

Are you disappointed with the "subtle sound" of such a sound source that an amateur band gets? It is a service that creates a hybrid live sound source that you can comfortably listen to from live recorded videos and CDs at an affordable price.

② Create live works from various sound sources and select recording media

We will copy video (data, SD card, DVD, Blu-ray), audio data (wav, mp3, etc.) CD, cassette, etc. to the desired medium and return it. If you can transfer data online, you can save money without shipping.

③ It is safe because you can order after trying the effect

We will keep the performance data (video, CD, etc.) you request before you pay the fee. Watch 1-2 minutes of test reform for free . If you do not feel the effect, you can cancel it, so there is no loss.

Free trial YouTube plan

 Reform the sound of YouTube videos. It's very easy because you can apply just by telling the URL . The trial is free, so you can easily check the sound quality. After you have officially applied, you can download the data with the voice replaced.

1 song @ 1300 yen ~

Do you have the opportunity to make a professional live recording?

A live that conveys the charm of the band. You can enjoy listening to good live recordings, and if you can sell, distribute, and distribute them, the possibilities will expand. There is no need to record copy bands, and many bands have all the sound sources recorded in the video .

Pleasant sound changes the value of live performance. Please experience the sound reform.

Please listen with headphones

This is a sample before and after processing a live house sound source (line recording).

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