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You can request voice noise removal & clarification of voice recorder (voice memo)


Hybrid Sound Reform is a service that reforms "sound".

We have a track record of improving various recordings, starting with a service that enhances the sound quality of videos of amateur musicians .

In addition to simple noise correction for various recordings, we also help with audio restoration and finishing of music and video content that requires professional grade.

We accept high-quality sound and clarification of difficult-to-listen conversations such as seminars & lectures, conferences, interviews, talk live, and voice recording for each dispute recorded with voice recorders and voice memos on iPhone . Anyone can easily request.

Free test sound source via online
There are cases where the price is less than half the price of other companies. Reliable quote
・ Sound quality adjustment according to the playback terminal
We are improving this kind of voice

Evidence of divorce, sexual harassment, DV litigation, etc. Voice | Negotiation record | Talk show and seminar voice | Chorus of noisy children | Telephone interview | Outdoor video interview with a lot of wind noise | Video of hard-to-hear ceremony | Documentary movie work | Old VHS mixed noise | Noisy school song tape | Narration mixed with engine sound | Other music performances | etc.

Comparison of listening to high-performance linear PCM recorders

Customer Feedback & Improvement Examples

It was a difficult request for voice adjustment, but I was able to respond flexibly by trying various methods . If you have such a case, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much. (Video production company)

Thank you for adjusting the applause and other parts. I was struggling because I couldn't hear the words at all with the original sound source, so it was really helpful to be able to make adjustments.  

(Participant of a certain academic society)

It's amazing. Room noise and various other noises can be removed. The reverberating sound also disappears. It sounds like you're talking to the microphone in front of you. I also got the ringtone for my cell phone . My voice is a little distorted in the part that is covered with my voice. However, there is no extra sound. I was able to suppress the other sounds, including the talking voice.
(YouTuber specializing in product reviews)

My name is △△ from XX Newspaper.
Thank you for the sample sound source the other day. It was very easy to hear, so please remodel it here.

(National newspaper reporter)

Before and after reviews of the product review site "Video Liberation Army (currently Organ Life)" . Amazing quality with headphone audition.

<Video review content>

0: 00-Explanation about service usage

1:35 ~ Concrete front-back comparison start

4:47 ~ Comparison before and after removing the iPhone ringtone that rang during MC

This service downloads the requested YouTube video. Delivered audio files with improved sound quality. In addition to removing small noises such as environmental noises such as PC fans and noises and the sound of guitar strings resonating, we are also trying to remove blatant mobile phone ringtones . The worst sound recorded by the microphone of a video camera is transformed into an FM DJ-like texture. The sound is improved as if it was recorded by a professional company with a high-performance microphone.

If you don't understand, consult on LINE


The noise of the IC recorder is also refreshing


Experience various noise reduction technologies mixed in with various recorders. It also reduces various environmental sounds such as electrical noise, squeaking and coughing, mobile ringtones, camera shutter sounds, howling and reverberation.

You can also remove noise that you gave up if it was impossible ♪

Compatible media ♪

Experience various noise reduction technologies mixed in with various recorders. It also reduces various environmental sounds such as electrical noise, squeaking and coughing, mobile ringtones, camera shutter sounds, howling and reverberation.

Compatible media ♪

We keep audio files (wav, Mp3, aiff, etc.) and video files (mp4, mov, etc.) online.

PC data can not be moved, user customers you want to deposit the body directly This plan will be the subject.

Supports a wide range of voice editing ♪

・ Reduces sound cracking and reverberation

・ Trimming, cutting, fading in & out

・ Copy and paste editing

・ Normalize, increase sound pressure

A safe system that allows you to order after judging the effect ♪

Sound quality improvement is not universal and may not be possible depending on the recording conditions. We have adopted a trial order system so that even first-time users can use this service with peace of mind.

You can store the sound source data that needs improvement in online storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Gigafile flight, etc.) and experience the effect of the reform for free in advance.

We will provide you with a quote along with a test sample for audition . If you are not satisfied, you can easily cancel it, so you can rest assured. (We do not accept quotations without presenting the sound source)

For those who are not good at audio equipment and personal computers

All voice recorders plan

We have prepared a plan that entrusts you with the main unit for those who want to make the recorded data easier to listen to, but who are not good at personal computers and who are troublesome with voice data transfer and detailed exchanges . (This is a reception and trial fee of 2000 yen)

Please pay the shipping fee for the outbound route and send the voice recorder.

From 2,500 yen for online data exchange ♬

For problematic audio editing, it is best to request a professional service. There are services that cost thousands of yen just for an estimate, but this site does not have an easy estimate, so we will always keep the sound source you want to improve, consider the improvement recipe, and make an estimate.

In addition to the time and effort involved, voice repair, which has a high risk of not being able to be improved, is uncertain about the fee structure. If you get lost, please contact us for a free trial and apply.

 We will give you a specific trial and make an estimate according to the difficulty of improvement and the degree of improvement . It is very safe because you can order officially after confirming the effect.

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