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Mastering a CD recorded at a live house to a powerful sound source

Hobby bands and amateur bands do not have the opportunity to record at a high cost. Even though you are playing a pleasant beat at the venue, the sound recorded simply with a video or smartphone is not powerful, isn't it? We will solve such problems.

Sound Reform D20 (Audio)

3,000 Yen / 20min

We will perform sound reform of CDs and audio files received from customers by delivery.

・ Trial order

・ Clean the noise areas you care about

-Matching with reference sound sources (professional songs close to the image, etc.).

-High-sensitivity remastered finish.

Create high quality CDs and music files. Why don't you enjoy the precious performance that cannot be re-recorded?






Premium CD

20 minutes

44.1-98kHz (16-24bit)

Free sample sound source for online audition

Recommended for people like this

・ You who find it difficult to import video images to your computer.

・ You who want to deliver a miraculously good live sound source.

・ You who want to enjoy your own performance with the power of a professional.

It is a safe system that allows you to order after trying the effect.

Media custody

Test CD creation

Test audition



After receiving your inquiry, we will keep the video and recording media of the performance you are considering remodeling by mail.

3 to 5 minutes as a guide

We will create a test sample CD that reforms the audio with the same quality as this order.

You can choose your order after listening to the effect. If you would like to proceed to the official order, please also request a detailed request here.

We will deliver the created CD free of charge . You can try the same song before and after processing.

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