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You can also request mix mastering for distribution of piano performances.


We regularly help pianists with sound sources for YouTube distribution. Unlike electronic pianos and synthesizers, live pianos are still characterized by their outstanding persuasiveness and rich timbre.

Recording in a specialized studio is required to deliver with professional-class sound quality,
The client who requested it is self-recording in a piano studio due to cost issues.

Even in a limited recording environment, he wanted to get closer to the finished work image.
I had a consultation with this service.

The client brought in a linear PCM recorder called ZOOM's H6 at a piano practice studio (Piano Studio Noah) in Tokyo, and rented a condenser microphone ( RODE NT5 ) at the studio. I am recording my performance at high resolution 96kHz / 24bit while trying and erroring the microphone position in detail .

A casual distribution video that doesn't care about sound quality, such as "I tried playing it," may still be sufficient. However, was that for the client that you want to promote the music that was his own arrangement, is necessary to mix mastering there is a depth by playing, sound is as a master sound source to be a sample.

There are many pianists who are not good at DTM.


Working with DAW software or MTR (multi-track recorder) is a common option for mixing live performance data, and even if DAW is free, there are apps with a certain quality on the market. If you have an audio interface and a certain monitor environment, you can perform simple mixing tasks such as applying the built-in reverb (effector that adds reverberation components). Just by adding a rich sound like that recorded in the hall, it will be very comfortable to hear.

Nowadays, you can easily add extremely realistic reverberation called convolution reverb (actual analysis of all reverberation components of actual famous halls and churches on site and reproducing them).

However, in order to do those tasks, it is necessary to prepare a set of equipment around the DAW, and many people do not touch it. Even if they are arranged, there are many backgrounds other than performances and peripheral settings, so it seems that many people are bothered and frustrated.

The client also purchased CUBASE, but he said that it was difficult to make the sound of the image.

We support the quality of making works for such piano players.

A performance by Taichi Abe, a pianist and arranger who helps us with mix mastering. Of course, mix mastering depends greatly on the state of the recorded sound.

For self-recording, studio and microphone settings, we are constantly searching for the best and making small improvements over the years.

We also provide total support for the production of music content. He composes and arranges pop music himself, and also works on many video works such as brass band and orchestra, and has a wide range of sound creation drawers.

In addition to mix mastering, we also offer state-of-the-art audio restoration (pedal noise, cloth rubbing noise, noise reduction in the audience seats in the case of live performances, etc.).

Even sound sources that are in poorer condition than the recording quality in a dedicated studio, such as the sound source of a self-recorded linear PCM recorder, are clearly improved, and we are helping to create professional-spec audio works while capturing the finished image of the client .

Please feel free to contact us if you are a performer who wants to be particular about the quality of the recorded material .

For mix mastering of high-quality piano performances , please contact HybridSoundReform.com . HybridSoundReform.com offers a unique sound reform that combines cutting-edge noise removal and mastering, regardless of professional or amateur. There is a free trial order system.

Sound cracking trouble recorded in a three-point hanging microphone for brass band

There was a request to improve a sound source with "sound cracking trouble". "Sound cracking" that was almost impossible to repair 10 years ago. Since the digital recording era, there have been many problems during recording.


An example of repairing an unnatural limiter (breathing phenomenon) that occurs in audio when recording a video

The digital limiter operates without being able to suppress the peak volume. An unnatural breathing phenomenon occurs and the voice becomes very unpleasant.


We provided "Sound Reform" to underground idol Chiroru Hoshino. This site was originally started as a service to improve the cheapness of sound quality when recording live house performances.


Removes mobile phone radio noise mixed in band performance (with improvement sample)

When recording a performance with a linear PCM recorder, there seems to be a case where the recorded data gets quite terrible noise if the iPhone is nearby. It is not the noise of the environmental sound of the audience seats picked up by the so-called microphone, but the very strong noise that destroys the audio data itself.

We have worked to reduce unpleasant noise that interferes with the recorded performance.