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15 smart ways to use voice memos

Music recording

Voice memo function that is installed as standard on most smartphones . Are you using it? Even if it is called a voice memo, its true identity is a recording app. You can use it in various ways by changing your perspective.

1. Use as a normal empty-handed memo (substitute for paper memo)

Everyone has heard of an episode in which a well-known musician suddenly left the lyrics and phrase of a song on an answering machine. Such a role is currently shifting to smartphone voice memos.





Here are 15 useful ways to use voice memos. Depending on your ideas, you may get some hints on how to earn extra income.



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2. Recording of songs and instrument practice


Voice memos can also be used for singing and practicing musical instruments. Depending on the instrument and recording location, you need to devise a little setting to record beautifully. It is easier to find problems efficiently by recording music rather than practicing in the dark clouds and looking back on one 's performance objectively .

A smartphone is enough for humming, karaoke, and acoustic guitar. If you want more authentic sound quality, you should consider a high-quality microphone that can be attached to a linear PCM recorder or smartphone .

3. Presentation rehearsal

It is also effective for rehearsing important presentations in the business scene. Whether it's a student or a job interview, I want to talk to the other person as easily as possible in an important situation where I stand in front of people. If you record and listen to your own way of speaking objectively, it is easy to control the points for improvement.

If you want Steve Jobs' cool behavior, you need a video, but by listening only to the sound, you can focus on the words without being confused by the visuals. The drawbacks of having a bad tongue and being hard to hear, and repeating "Eh" for each phrase are exposed in an easy-to-understand manner. Rehearsal recordings of interviews and presentations are extremely effective.

CD Baby:一度の支払いで楽曲を配信でき、追加の手数料はありません。
BIG UP:登録・配信料¥0、無料で全世界配信ができる。

4. Recording of negotiations & negotiations

It is also effective for difficult business negotiations and negotiations. At the negotiating table where huge amounts of money move, you may get into trouble by exchanging unspoken bargaining. Declaring a recording at the beginning of a business negotiation is also insurance for fair business negotiations.

5. Celebration voice message recording

A voice message recommended for those who are embarrassed by video messages. It is easy to convey a heartfelt message to relatives and loved ones who are far away. "Well, you can call me"? It is effective when it is difficult to communicate in real time when the other party is overseas or the schedule cannot be seen . With voice, you can gather friends and surprise the song.

If you want to send an entire song, the capacity will be large and you may not be able to attach it to an email. In such a case, store it in a storage service such as Google Drive and share it with your blessing partner.

8. Recording of troubles in the workplace


Voice memos are used for many workplace troubles and are often used as evidence in trials. Black companies have not yet been eradicated, including power harassment, sexual harassment, fraud, dismissal, and unfair employment conditions.

In a closed organization where a hierarchical relationship has been established, these rubbing acts are commonplace. The boss who consulted may not deal with it. You can also record interactions with your boss who doesn't get along. There are already many cases of using voice memos in critical situations.


How was that. Despite the features found in most smartphones, it's a waste for anyone who has never used it before. Let's use it wisely. If you make a long recording, the data will be large and sharing with others will be difficult by e-mail. At that time the giga files flights and drop box Please try to take advantage of the storage services, such as Google Drive.

Voice memo / recorded data editing & clarification

Hybrid Sound Reform , which handles "sound reform," also provides the general public with a service to improve the sound quality of audio and video data recorded on iPhones and other smartphones. Please feel free to contact us if you have an audio file that is difficult to hear or a video file that you want to improve the sound.



We are engaged in "music / voice" remodeling service. After working as a music creator and a salaryman, started an independent service. Every day, while receiving work orders from various clients who are worried about sound, I am also involved in video editing for music stages.

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