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You can easily request sound quality correction for video content.

Are you satisfied with the number of views and conversions from attracting customers?

With the myriad of video content prevailing in the world, even the slightest difference in videos found by chance on the Internet affects the withdrawal rate and viewing time. Video content has become an indispensable tool in business, and I think that many consultants are distributed on YouTube. Have you ever watched the sound through headphones?

The usage rate of earphones and headphones is overwhelmingly high on smartphones. When commuting by car, the car stereo may produce sound with a volume that is comparable to the surrounding noise.

If you look at the sales floor of a consumer electronics retail store, the needs are clear.

It is obvious if you look at the electronics retail stores. You will notice that the lineup of headphones, earphones, and additional speakers has expanded compared to before. You will be amazed at the abundance of high-priced products. In any case, the current situation is that there are few video contents that recognize the reality that the sound is being heard with specifications that exceed the expectations of the content distribution side .

We encourage you to try your content on headphones now. Noise that wasn't so noticeable on the built-in speakers of PCs and smartphones should be unpleasant . If you do not feel any particular problem, this service will not help you.

Is your video content okay?

・ There is a lot of ambient noise and it is uncomfortable.
-There is no difference in grade between public video for promotion and member-only video.
・ The reflected sound in the venue is so loud that it is difficult to hear the content of the lecture.
・ Although it was the best seminar content, there was a jarring sound in the important part.
・ The number of views and viewing time of seminar videos that were actually popular in the field did not increase.
It is strongly undermining the persuasive power of a professional

For many people, familiar television has become the standard quality of video content (feeling normal). Handycams, which are available to the general public, have come to be used on location for TV programs , but they are only treated as one frame. Regular programs such as news are recorded on carefully selected high-performance equipment .

If you post videos as a personal hobby, there is no problem at all. However, unfortunately, with the sound quality of home video cameras, the video content that talks about "know-how" as a professional on the road feels intuitively cheap and its persuasive power is reduced.


Aside from the content, most popular YouTubers take into consideration not only video editing techniques but also audio recording quality.

Outsourcing recording lacks high cost and flexibility

We recommend professional recording as well as video content here. However, it is costly to use frequently, and it is not realistic unless you can afford it. When aiming to attract customers from videos, mass production of content is indispensable for SEO measures. Even if we have all the necessary equipment and upgrade it in the future, we are concerned about the quality difference from the content recorded so far.

In addition, there will be some video content that has already been recorded that is "rich and highly complete ."

Hybrid Sound is a new type of service that can improve the voice to make it easier to hear without wasting such important content .

Would you like to add the value of sound quality to the video?

Hybrid Sound Remodeling is a "sound" remodeling service.

State-of-the-art audio technology used in professional filmmaking and music production

We will provide it to general users at a reasonable price.

Audio processing, including astonishing noise removal, is probably beyond the reach of the general public. Please watch the sample video below.

We will reform the audio troubles of such videos to make it easier to hear.
・ Seminar & Lecture
・ Interview & dialogue
・ Meeting minutes & in-house training
・ Product & service introduction
・ Other important voice recordings, etc.

Sound cracking / noise removal / reverberation / sound quality correction / trimming & editing / adding BGM, etc ...

Please leave the voice correction that the re-recording does not work.

You can see its value by listening to it ♪

 Experience the latest noise reduction beyond your imagination, without any jokes.

Voice of user satisfaction

We asked YouTuber, who specializes in product reviews, to introduce the improvement effect of this service before and after.

<Video review content>

0: 00-Explanation about service usage

1:35 ~ Concrete front-back comparison start

4:47 ~ Comparison before and after removing the iPhone ringtone that rang during MC

Download the requested YouTube video. Improved sound quality and delivered as an audio file. In addition to removing small noises such as environmental noises such as PC fans and noises and the sound of guitar strings resonating, we are also trying to remove blatant mobile phone ringtones. The worst sound recorded by the microphone of a video camera is transformed into an FM DJ-like texture. The sound is improved as if it was recorded by a professional company with a high-performance microphone .

Even in a lecture with a little environmental noise

Participants can concentrate on the content of the slightly difficult-to-listen voice recorded in the seat by reducing the extra sound. At this level, we will support you cheaply.

In addition to videos containing seminars and lectures, we can expect improvements to audio content that is easy to listen to when distributing reference materials such as in-house meetings, training records, and contests. We also support detailed editing and dubbing.

Repairing sound cracks and removing noise | Sound quality correction for video content

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