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How to enjoy a copy band YouTube video three times

リハーサルスタジオ バンド

There are many amateur bands who buy band scores from their favorite artists and enjoy copy bands with like-minded friends. It's fun just to practice in the rehearsal studio, but it's nice to be able to make sounds with a full-fledged PA system at school festivals, events, and live houses.

However, unfortunately, the quality of the video that recorded our performance is too different from that of a professional live sound source, so it is difficult to enjoy it as music. That 's right , that subtle sound quality recorded with a handycam for home use . There is a big barrier to getting people to think of it as music, except for those who actually listen to live music in any good band.

As you may know, professional live recordings are recorded for each instrument (at least 16 tracks are used), and even if you make a DVD etc., each of those recording materials will make an appropriate sound. For example, song reverb (echo) is definitely post-processed. Precise mixing and mastering work is performed and it is commercialized. It is also common for professionals to replace the wrong part or the part with sound trouble later if necessary.

(Only for bands)

Most amateur options are air recording or PA line recording

Recently, it seems that some live houses support multi-recording, but in most cases there will be an additional charge, and it will be difficult to use it casually.

Air recording taken with a video camera


・ Recording that is close to the atmosphere in the audience

・ Bass can be recorded perfectly if it is a music compatible video.


・ Sound pressure is not tolerated and sound cracking often occurs. (Other than dedicated machines)

・ In many cases, the voice and noise of the audience are worrisome .

・ The sound image tends to be cloudy as a whole.

Line recording recorded at a live house


・ Overall, the sound image is close and there is little noise.

・ Easy to check the contents of synths and songs


・ The sound output is unbalanced and it is difficult to hear the drums and bass.

There is no sense of presence and power

・ Anyway, it's unnatural

Should the copy band put up with cheap videos?

In any case, the problem is the sound quality that you don't feel like listening to many times.

When performing at a live house, you will often be asked to record a video to reflect on each performance and overall performance. The reason why we often check once and store it is that the sound quality is not so good that we can enjoy the music itself . If this is a sound quality that can be delivered with confidence, it can be used as a promotion tool, but since it will be cheap, it will not publish as subtle video as a high-level band on the net.

Let's challenge self-mastering with DAW

Why don't you try mastering yourself even with a live sound source that feels cheap ? If there is too much noise, you can't expect a good improvement, but by mastering the equalizer , multi-band comp, and maximizer, you can restore the bass that comes to the belly of the bass and drums, and it's a rock band. Is an effective means for. Even if you blend a thin reverb (about 4 to 15%), it will be much more powerful.

From free to popular classic DAWs are equipped with a wealth of effectors and tools for mastering without multi-recording.


If you want to improve the sound quality of YouTube , please contact . is Japan's first unique sound reform (sound quality improvement service) that combines cutting-edge noise removal and mastering. We will reconstruct the live work in a good mood from the line recording sound source recorded in the live house. There is a trial order system where you can try the effect for free.

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