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A service that allows professionals to pinpoint narration sound adjustment and restoration


Recording your own narration is quite difficult, isn't it? Have you ever used a troubled sound source that failed to be recorded ?

" Hybrid Sound Reform " makes it easy to repair, correct, and create more high-end sounds. Why not outsource high-quality audio editing (repair) technology to professionals even on a limited budget?

Narration with subtle sound quality is unpleasant

Someone who is creating some kind of video content. Voice quality is very important if it is narrated. For many who have been familiar with television since they were born, the standard for "easy-to-listen narration" is television programming. If the sound quality is lower than that, the grade will be instantly low.

The variety of videos on YouTube makes you feel familiar with the instant sound quality , but unless the video has an impact, it will be difficult to win the hearts of many users. The popular YouTuber, which boasts an enormous number of views, has a high quality sound.




Studio recording with strict cost performance

High-performance condenser microphones are used for the voices of announcers and performers on TV. The pin microphone on the performer's chest is also expensive. It is difficult to obtain the same quality at low cost . Recording in a professional narration studio is accompanied by a professional engineer and is soundproofed, so the quality is almost certain. If you don't have the same production budget as big TV media, you can say that it is difficult to use it on a daily basis.

Retrofit correction technique is difficult

For narration that must be recorded with limited equipment and recording environment, correction after recording is essential. If you can master the equalizer , compressor, limiter, etc., it will be easier to express a professional sound image.

For quality, another problem arises when using high quality condenser microphones. Recording in a place without a soundproof environment causes a lot of extra noise (picking up even the small noise of the air conditioner and clock hands), and it is necessary to further acquire an audio restoration application and its technology to correct it. Experience points are required to learn.

For example, the squeaking noise of a chair on which a narrator sits can be a major problem when creating a master.








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