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Making a copy band a sound source

If you look at video sites such as YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, many copy bands post videos. Even if you say a copy band in a bite, people are the triggers such as "I just want to copy the music of my favorite artist", "I want to pursue my favorite artist thoroughly", "I want to get inspiration from the artist's music and utilize it in composition". Each one. Although the way of thinking is different, I would like to recommend "live performance sound source" to those who are forming a copy band.

Sound source is essential for performance analysis

By recording the songs played by the band, you can check their performance in detail. For example, in the case of a guitar, you can check whether there is any variation in the sound during performance, whether the riff nuance like the original song is produced, whether the pitch during choking is accurate, and whether the mute is firmly done. During the performance, I'm absorbed in the performance, so I can't help but pay attention to the details. In order to analyze the performance in detail, why not consider making a live performance a sound source?


A dilemma where you cannot experience your own performance in the audience


Obviously, you cannot listen to your own performance from the audience during a live performance. The sound source recorded simply has a large error from the feeling that the customer felt. Rock music, whose sound output tends to affect the overall quality, is especially noticeable. Many players will be disappointed by the sound of the deprivation of the enthusiasm they played comfortably.

As a material for discussion within the band

If you are in a band, you may have discussions with the members, but I think you often discuss "our performance". In such a case, based on the sound source that has a large error from the sound heard by the customer, the point of improvement shifts and it is not possible to proceed with the discussion smoothly. If you use a sound source that feels as if you were in the audience, you will be able to have a targeted and effective discussion.

Promotion essential for stable activities

If you keep copying for many years, you will inevitably suffer from attracting customers. Especially for copy bands, many people want to expand the network where they can share their favorite music. I think that there are many bands that actively utilize YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, but there are no bands that can copy even "sound quality". The high-quality sound source is also useful as a tool that is one step ahead of rival bands that copy the same artist.

Sound Reform provided by guides music content that is not blessed with the recording environment of amateur musicians to a sound source that can be listened to comfortably with careful noise removal and precise sound image editing. Not only live sound sources, but also home videos can be made into high-quality and clean sound. In addition to sound reform, we also offer the best plans for video distribution, such as YouTube single plan, so please use it even if you are thinking of posting to YouTube or Nico Nico Douga. If you have any questions about prices or plans, please feel free to contact us.

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