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You can outsource voice noise removal and resolution improvement that are difficult to translate.

If you leave the voice recorder in your pocket and you can't hear the conversation due to the rattling noise, or the installation location is too far away, it's difficult to hear the conversation. There are people who have troubles with poor recording conditions.

It is painful that they contain definitive evidence but cannot be used as evidence.

Of course, there are many cases in which a voice that is clearly "inaudible / difficult to hear" cannot be drastically improved by anyone. However, we are providing a free sample of how much such a sound source can actually be improved.

To be honest, it is very inefficient as a business, but many difficult sound sources

We believe that our technical range will expand by trying it out. In addition, there are cases where the sound source that was actually given up is adopted as evidence, and we would like to provide such an opportunity.

Examples of situations where sound quality has been improved so far

Voice recorder has various recording troubles, but here is an example of the recording situation that I have edited so far (including the example that could not be improved well).

・ Conversation between couples in the living room (children & TV noisy) ・ Questions and answers over the front door ・ Flirtation site in the bedroom ・ Conversation at a bar or restaurant (noisy around) ・ Recording of a meeting (noisy air conditioner) ・ Meeting room ( The recording position is too far to hear some conversations) ・ Outdoor recording (the wind is strong and the microphone goes bobbing) ・ Sound cracking of music performance (the sound source that remains cracked is almost difficult to repair) ・ Telephone Mouth interviews and negotiations (only the other party's voice receiver is small), troubles between contractors (noisy noise at the construction site)

Other voice editing is also supported

When actually using voice as evidence in court, I think there are cases where it is necessary not only to create a translation but also to edit the voice by summarizing the necessary parts. We also offer flexible audio editing and CD creation. If you can form a business alliance on a regular basis, we will negotiate various conditions, so please feel free to contact us.

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