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Frequently asked questions when using the sound quality improvement service

This is a collection of frequently asked questions from our customers.

Please refer to it when you use this service for the first time.

Answer to the question

Q. I'm interested, but I'm worried about suddenly applying for the service.
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If you have any concerns, please feel free to send us an inquiry email. There are guidelines for application, but the person in charge will respond carefully according to the circumstances of the user.

Q. I 'm worried if I can judge a slight difference in sound quality.
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In this service, the voice data itself that the user feels is a problem is actually processed and presented as an improvement sample . By answering the user's playback environment at the time of application, we will create the sound accordingly. (You may not be able to tell the difference with a PC, smartphone, or simple speaker of the voice recorder, so we recommend using headphones and earphones.)

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Q. I 'm an amateur about sound, but who is using it?

It is used not only by professional video and music creators, but also by parents and amateur bands who have recorded children's play parties and recitals . It is widely used by the general public, who usually has no connection with recording , in order to use it as evidence of trials, disputes, sexual harassment, etc. using voice recorders and smartphone recording apps.

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Q. I am not good at devices such as personal computers, so I cannot upload data online. Can I still make a request?

When applying for a free trial, etc., we basically exchange audio and video data online. There is also a method of keeping media such as SD cards and DVDs containing video and audio (pay the shipping fee for the outbound route). However, if you keep your voice recorder or other equipment, the " Voice Recorder All Omakase Plan " will be available, so you will not be eligible for the free trial.

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We also accept remodeling by sending recording media such as DVDs. An SD card or USB memory can be used, but basically it is limited to those that can be read by a Mac or Windows computer. However, compared to exchanging data online, man-hours such as data extraction are required, so the estimated amount will be positive.

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Q. Can you give me a quote only?

Click here for a detailed explanation of the quotation. Except for some package plans, we will assess the actual work man-hours required, so we do not basically make an estimate if you can not actually tell us the sound source. In some cases, we may be able to give you an estimate, but we will refrain from replying as much as possible because the improvement process differs greatly depending on the recording situation.

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Q. Can I use a credit card?

In addition to bank transfer, VISA Master Amex JCB can be used. We use the payment service Paypal .

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