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Effective use of the sound source of videos taken at a live house

A live house where various bands gather is a place where amateur bands can enjoy live performances and gain experience. Most of these live houses offer recording / recording services, but I think there are many bands that check it out a few days later and store it as it is. What kind of effective use can live video and live sound sources be?

Looking back on the live

The best way to look back on a live performance is to check the live video and live sound source. Live footage allows you to objectively see and listen to your performance, so you may notice mistakes that you didn't notice in production. In addition, you can check everywhere, such as the flow from the MC to the music, the reaction and glue of the audience, and their standing position and movement during the performance. It is important to look back on the live performance in order to analyze the reflection points and good points of the live performance and improve the performance of the band in the future.

As a band promotion

If you are an amateur band, especially a band that aims to be a professional, you want to get a lot of fans and increase the audience. In order to increase the audience, it is important to "get to know" the band, and in order to get to know the band, promotion activities are indispensable. Now that video sites such as YouTube and Nico Nico Douga are spreading as entertainment, their live video is useful as a means of promotion. By promoting videos on SNS sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as the band's homepage, you can let an unspecified number of people know your band. When posting, you can greatly change the impression of the song by finishing the sound with mixdown or mastering.

However, you need to be careful if the simply recorded sound source feels subtle. The music itself may be underestimated due to poor sound quality. It's best to post a well-mastered sound source so that it doesn't get buried in many works.

As a tool to increase motivation

Live footage is exactly what you see "as is". If you look back at the live video and get shocked, you may be able to feel the growth of yourself because the performances are more organized than you think. In any case, live footage serves to motivate you and your band. For example, if your mistakes are noticeable in your performance, you can practice yourself and be careful not to make mistakes in the future. If you can objectively analyze your own performance and improve your weak points, you can improve the level of the entire band. In this way, live video and live sound sources can be used in various ways. Being able to play back your own performance with a highly sensitive mastered sound source is more pleasant than you might imagine.

In the sound reform provided by, the entire sound is reformed by performing processing such as noise removal on the live video / sound source. It is a safe system that you can order after trying the effect, so you can use it without compromising the price. Please feel free to contact us if you are a band that wants to deliver high-quality live sound sources at low cost. Also, old videos such as videos may be remodelable, so please contact us if you have a video you want to revive.

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