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Master a live house DVD and convert it to powerful sound quality


ReformD30 (Video)

6,000 Yen / 30min

(Tax excluded)

We will perform sound reform by extracting only the audio from the video that we received from the customer.

・ Trial order (online sample)

・ Clean the noise areas you care about

-Matching with reference sound sources (live works close to the image, etc.).

-High-sensitivity remastered finish.

Convert to high quality music video. Package on your desired Blu-ray, DVD, MP4 File, etc. You can clean and enjoy your precious performance.





Option menu

・ Telop service / 2,000 Yen

・ Plus CD creation / 1,000 Yen

・ Media copy / @ 500Yen

・ YouTube file / 1,000 Yen


Premium Movie

20 minutes

Free online sample

It is a safe system that allows you to order after trying the effect.

Media custody

Test CD creation

Free delivery

Test audition

After receiving your inquiry, we will keep the video and recording media of the performance you are considering remodeling by mail.

3 to 5 minutes as a guide

We will create a test sample CD that reforms the audio with the same quality as this order.

We will deliver the created CD free of charge . You can try the same song before and after processing.

You can choose your order after listening to the effect. If you would like to proceed to the official order, please also request a detailed request here.

★ Please bear the shipping fee when you send it.


Anyone can request sound quality correction for music videos

Now that anyone can easily distribute music, why not remaster and distribute old sound sources? Hybrid Sound is a service that improves audio data that tends to be a little cheap, such as band performances, piano recitals, and dance performances.

Please feel free to contact us.

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