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Smartphone video / photo package editing | Why not convert your memories into movies and reduce the capacity?


Is the organization of smartphone videos perfect? Is there a video that consumes a lot of space and is "not watched at all" but is difficult to erase because it is a waste? I must have shot a very important scene, but unfortunately, compared to the videos shot and edited by professional photographers, there are a lot of videos that do not make me want to watch them many times . There are many people who have such troubles.

☆ 5 benefits of visualizing smartphone videos & still images ♪

  1. Compact capacity for indelible videos.

  2. You can also combine the photos and enjoy them.

  3. Easy to see with titles and telops.

  4. Upgrade to DVD or Blu-ray is also possible.

  5. Good as a gift for relatives !!

You will be impressed if you visualize the still images on your smartphone as a slide show.

The commercial of Meiji Yasuda Life was supported by many people due to the power of Kazumasa Oda's masterpieces. You can make a still image taken on such a smartphone into a video work. Of course, video files can also be added to the video. Why don't you make a video work in which casual everyday life is an "important treasure"?

Sound adjustment options unique to sound quality improvement professional services

Aside from those who even make movies, there are only a few companies that are particular about sound as they provide video editing to amateurs. Engineers who are familiar with the sound adjustment of movie works and the mastering of music works, which require high quality, add value to "sound".

  • Piano recital and brass band performance

  • Dance and stage announcement

  • Bands and karaoke

Looking for experience monitors at a special price.

3,980 yen (tax included)

Why don't you combine the videos and still images of your smartphone into a video work? We will provide video data at this price only during the period of 2020 in order to set the option price of the service. ( Only for the first 5 people each month )




We are engaged in "music / voice" remodeling service. After working as a music creator and a salaryman, started an independent service. Every day, while receiving work orders from various clients who are worried about sound, I am also involved in video editing for music stages.

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