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Essential knowledge for beautiful audio recording of seminar videos

Seminar videos and know-how videos are powerful marketing tools that can be expected to generate large profits at low cost. It is necessary to respond to changes due to changes in the viewing environment and intensifying competition. Here is a summary of some tips on sound quality measures for differentiation.

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It is dangerous to assume that you are watching on a computer, can you provide video content compatible with smartphones and headphones ? If you don't notice this, it's like continuing to deliver while killing the value of that know-how. For details, go to this article .

Introduce a wireless microphone

A wireless microphone is convenient if you want to listen to the lecture contents on DVD. Since the Handycam has a microphone terminal , in most cases, it can be connected regardless of the manufacturer. Wireless is basically battery-powered, so be careful not to run out of batteries. Recording in a place close to the voice makes it difficult to pick up extra sounds such as noise and air conditioning in the venue, dramatically improving the voice grade.

Sony Wireless Microphone ECM-AW4

Audio monitor and level settings are more severe

If you install a wireless microphone, you can record professional- quality sound, but if you neglect to set the level, problems such as sound cracking that is difficult to repair will occur. Make sure you understand the basic audio monitor and level setting tips .

Use of IC recorder that also serves as risk aversion

Since various preparations are made in a short time on the day of the seminar, it may not be possible to spend time setting up the video camera. But the worst thing is that the video recording fails. Let's use the IC recorder as a backup recording tool at the same time as the video camera.

The value of the video changes with improved sound quality !!!

1:35 ~ Concrete front-back comparison start

4:47 ~ Comparison before and after removing the iPhone ringtone that rang during MC

I think many people have it for use in meetings and meetings. Make a recording on the stage at the beginning of the seminar. Keeping the audio separate from the video will be a backup in case of emergency . It can also be used as an audiobook material that can be distributed to participants.

Please contact for sound quality improvement and sound adjustment for business seminars that are difficult to hear . is a sound reform service that provides cutting-edge noise removal and voice restoration. Please feel free to contact us for anything, whether for commercial or private use, such as seminars with broken sounds, presentations of musical instrument performances, and improvement of sound quality related to videos . There is a trial order system where you can try the effect for free with short voice. I will be happy to challenge the sound source that I really want to do something about.

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