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Would you like to cut the noise of the recorded MP3 data and improve it so that it is easier to hear?


Seminars and lectures that are useful to you. More and more voice recorders , smartphone recording apps, or organizers record their content with a video camera to keep it complete. The number of people who transfer MP3 audio files to a personal computer and share them with others is increasing.

Even though it was recorded properly, it may be difficult to hear it due to the rustling sound and echoes of the venue when it is played back later . It's a lot of stress when you need to transcribe.

セミナー 会議 雑音 ノイズ ICレコーダー ボイスメモ MP3 音声ファイル 音質改善 反訳 依頼

Improved sound quality of MP3 (45-minute lecture) recorded with an IC recorder, requested by a user who found this site by Google search. I was worried that it was difficult to hear the recorded voice of the speaker . I uploaded the file to Google Drive and checked the content of the audio.

It is quite difficult to hear if there is a lot of reverberation in the venue

There are various patterns of noise that are of concern with such sound sources, such as the sound of flipping paper inside the venue, the sound of dragging a desk, and the sound of sirens outside the venue, but this time the echoes of the venue are very strong. It was big . The speaker probably used a microphone and was recorded in a wide venue. The sound quality of the lecture, which I find interesting even if I am an outsider, is stressful because it is echoed quickly. The reverberation of the venue does not change in the middle, so it does not change for 45 minutes.

We also make full use of the latest processing to remove reverberation

It seems that the requesting user himself had taken various measures for sound quality, and it was said that various noise reduction processing was performed, and the file also contained a unique sound called "shuwashuwa" after processing. In addition, small noises in the venue were mixed. It is a noise that is inherent in recording at venues where many people gather, such as kotsun, ghee, and kata.

These are difficult to improve with one touch even with the most advanced audio repair tools we use in processing, and can only be improved with simple and detailed work that humans move. If you try to process everything, the estimate will skyrocket.

Avoid the problem of soaring estimates when there are many detailed processes

In services such as, we will actually prepare the voice for improvement request and make an estimate . We will propose the following items assuming the man-hour points and improvement level.

(1) Specific number of processing steps
(2) Counting the noise processing part by hand
③ Discount according to the assumed improvement level

If we expected to reduce all the small noises such as "kotsun, ghee, kata" with the estimated 45-minute sound source, the count of ( 2) would be enormous and the estimated man-hour points would be 720. In that case, the estimate is 16,380 yen (excluding tax) even if the improvement level is B. Unless it's a very valuable sound source, it's almost always not worth your budget.

For those who are worried about sending data ⇩⇩

Sending large files is very easy with Gigafile

The actual quotation adopted is as follows

[Estimate 2]

"Resolution improved version without fine noise processing"

Improvement level B / Estimated man-hour points 160

5,340 yen (excluding tax) (delivery time 7 days)

"Reverberation", which is the biggest problem of the whole sound, is reduced to a level that leaves the naturalness, and sound pressure adjustment is added to finish the sound quality with elasticity. You can also reduce the reverberation to the level of 1.

Although it is only a part of the excerpted audio , we estimated it together with the sample sound source . Here, we mainly perform plug-in processing called De-reverb that removes reverberation, and perform normal gate, compression, equalizing, etc. If the reverberation sound is sharpened extremely, the voice quality will be distorted and the unnaturalness will increase, so we have processed it thinly and carefully over and over again.

We quote in the price range that you can easily request. Feel free to quote audio files that feel low in volume .

For those who are not good at audio equipment and personal computers

All voice recorders plan

We have prepared a plan that entrusts you with the main unit for those who want to make the recorded data easier to listen to, but who are not good at personal computers and who are troublesome with voice data transfer and detailed exchanges . (This is a reception and trial fee of 2000 yen)

Please pay the shipping fee for the outbound route and send the voice recorder.

For hard-to-hear MP3 audio improvements, use . Sound reform (sound quality improvement service) that provides advanced noise removal to general users. We accept noise removal and clarification processing of voice used for seminars, lectures, conferences, and disputes recorded with a voice recorder. Click here for an explanation about the quotation .
Why don't you try the improvement effect of the sound source you are having trouble with for free?

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