The surroundings are noisy and I cannot hear the conversation


Many people try to record conversations in cafes, restaurants, and hotel lounges. However, when I try to play it later, there are many inquiries about the noise around me and I can't hear the conversation.

The human ear is very good, and the continuous noisy sounds (depending on the degree) around us are judged to be unnecessary sounds by the brain, and the conversation with the person you are talking to is automatically focused. That is a major factor that makes you feel the difference between the feeling on the spot and the sound of the recorded data.


Cafe family restaurant fast food

| Sound quality improvement difficulty ★★ 〜 ★★★★

The cafe, which is also used for meetings and conversations with friends, is quite noisy, depending on how crowded it is. The inside of these stores is an open space, and the voice of the neighbor, the sound of tableware, and the background music in the store make it difficult to hear the recording of the conversation.

Therefore, stores (McDonald's and family restaurant) where BGM with songs such as J-POP is played should be avoided when you want to record conversations. It seems that there are cases where a married couple living separately has a meeting about divorce, but it is not recommended.

Izakaya / Bar | Sound quality improvement difficulty ★★★★★★

There is no need to explain, and I think that bars and taverns have a "noisy image" unless they are private rooms. Recording is not recommended, but it seems that there is a need for recording for reasons related to infidelity or cheating. Unless you're prepared to put a microphone on the other person's chest and don't want it, in most cases you won't be at the level of accurately translating the conversation.


If the conversations of other customers are blocked in the private room, especially in an open space with high tension due to alcohol, if you are not good at it, you may hear a louder voice than the conversation involving the person you recorded. .. Even with the latest sound quality improvement processing (as of 2020.4), processing that identifies a person is technically impossible (even for men and women).



We introduced an example of a user who has a problem that the data recorded on a voice memo or recorder is "noisy around us and we cannot hear the conversation content". It had recorded in the state as described above, if you have Welcome the person who worries not able to retake hybrid sound reform you feel free to contact us please. We handle many such sound sources, but about 50% of cases give up. Especially in an izakaya, it's almost impossible for someone who has a loud voice (crying).