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Introducing an independently produced movie that helped adjust the sound

Hybrid Sound Remodeling works on documentaries and self-produced movies such as sound adjustment and voice restoration. We also help with movies that are not open to the public, such as Nihon University and Kyoto University.

74-year-old Pelican sells bread (2017)



We are engaged in "music / voice" remodeling service. After working as a music creator and a salaryman, started an independent service. Every day, while receiving work orders from various clients who are worried about sound, I am also involved in video editing for music stages.

A documentary work featuring a long-established store in Asakusa ( Pelican) that sells only two types of bread, bread and rolls, and can be lined up before the store opens. Screened for a long time in various parts of the country. Focusing on the sound adjustment of interviews with customers who appear in various recording environments, reduction of mechanical noise in the bread studio, conversation on board near the last scene (reduction of problematic wind noise), etc. Responsible for sound adjustment and finishing over the entire volume.

"Mourning and Murai" (2017)

A non-stop comedy movie with the theme of a funeral by the video production group "Tsuribe Tokyo". I was in charge of some sound adjustment requests, centering on the scenes recorded in the warehouse that became the location site. Reduces the rubbing noise of the pin microphone attached by the performer and the engine noise of the motorcycle heard at the location. It was fun so I wish I had a little more exposure.

Tentacles (2018)


A short movie directed by Yuki Suzuki sponsored by ATELIER SUZUKI. The location at the love hotel is the center of the play. In charge of sound adjustment processing for the entire work, such as noise reduction of recording environment sound and cloth rubbing sound of pin microphone. The point is matching the sounds picked up from the pin microphone and the gun microphone.

"Bond-Only this town knows you" (2019)

A self-produced short film with plenty of love for Shizuoka, produced and produced by the Shizuoka Youth Council. Directed by Toshio Sekine, who writes scripts for major works such as Tsuribaka Nisshi. In addition to sound adjustment processing and sound mixing of the entire volume, he is also in charge of effects. This was also a good opportunity to test my technical skills, such as noise reduction for each scene and finishing of pin microphones and narration. ( Click here for related blogs)

Microplastic madness / USA (2019)

Also in charge of sound adjustment for overseas documentary films shot in NY (2019)

A documentary film in which elementary school students in NY stand up to solve the problem of plastic pollution. Request from co-director Atsuko Satake. I like the improvement of the sound quality of several scenes where the voice in the elementary school is severe, and if I notice it, I am in charge of more than half of the documentary cuts and narration sound adjustment . The engineer at the NY studio who was in charge of the mix also said that our sound adjustment quality was highly evaluated. 2020.8.18 It is said that the premiere distribution was also performed in Japan.





2024.5月現在 U-NEXTで配信中

マイクロプラスチック・ストーリー(日本語吹替版) /2021



安楽死のススメ /2022 (2024劇場公開予定)

マドリード国際映画祭2023​ ベストサウンドデザイン賞受賞


短編ドキュメンタリー「Double Role」

2023年第一回 横浜国際映画祭にてプレミアム上映作品整音、ミックス作業をお手伝いしました。主演者がろう者ということもあり、環境音を含めた音声表現は非常に繊細でやりがいがありました。





Other dramas and documentaries produced by students from Nihon University College of Art and Kyoto University. In addition, there are many opportunities for self-produced movie directors to request pinpoint adjustment and noise removal for only a few cuts .

Basically, we estimate the estimated man-hours, but please feel free to tell us because price negotiations are possible depending on the scale of disclosure. We look forward to hearing from video creators who are particular about quality.

Please contact for sound adjustments for self-produced films and documentaries . is a service that specializes in improving sound quality. The delicate sound is created to carefully remove the jarring noise. Emergency response is possible. Free trial. You can check the quality with confidence.

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