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How to avoid erasing smartphone videos due to lack of capacity


When you take a picture with your smartphone, there are cases where you cannot take a picture and the capacity is insufficient. It takes courage to erase apps and photos that you are not using at once, but it is easy to erase video data that can be easily reduced in capacity in such situations.

In the first place, videos taken with smartphones are often erased without being reviewed, except for those who are interested in sending SNS or who have a purpose and edit the material. Did you shoot a friend's band performance on the spot, but in the end you deleted the video after a while without giving it to yourself?

There may be a valuable video to erase

With iPhone, you can shoot full HD movies (resolution comparable to playback on a large screen TV). It is a valuable record if it is a children's piano recital that will never happen again. Maybe some people are having trouble consuming capacity without being able to erase such videos. If you shoot a video of the iPhone camera app for 10 minutes even in 1080p HD / 30 fps mode with medium level setting, it will consume about 1.3 giga.

How to avoid erasing video data

  1. Install the Google Photos app (easy! Recommended by Ichiban)

  2. Store with online storage service ・ Transfer to PC and save to media.

  3. Save to PC with USB cable etc. (Consume the capacity of PC)

  4. Use a DVD creation service such as Kitamura of the camera .

1. Google Photos is easy and easy to use


Google Photos is a free god service that allows you to store all the photo and video data on your smartphone on the cloud by installing the app and making simple settings. There are some restrictions on the resolution of images and videos, but if it is a photo-centric image that general users use for snapping, there is no problem at all. Please install the app for the time being and experience its convenience.

(Very easy) Google Photos setup


After installing the app and permitting all notifications, the initial setting screen will be displayed.

① Turn it on


② Select high image quality

③ Turn it off

① Turn on “Backup and Sync”. Then, if you are in a place where Wifi is connected, you can back up from your smartphone to the cloud.

(2) Set "Upload size" to "High quality". You can also select "Original size", but it will consume the free space of your account, so I think that setting with high image quality is good for uploading a large amount for free.

(2) Recent smartphone photos and videos have high resolution, so only use the Wifi environment to upload. So turn it off.

At the first setup, a large number of videos and images on your smartphone will be uploaded (although there are individual differences), so it may take some time.

It's okay to delete the photos and videos on your smartphone after uploading, but if you have a photo called "this" that you want to print in high quality, leave it on your smartphone.

After that, I think that photos and videos will be taken on a daily basis, but uploading files for additional shots is OK if you launch the app in a Wi-fi environment. (Even if you drop it after that, it will continue in the background)

It is very convenient because you can organize various photos (some automatic functions are also available) by date, event, face recognition, etc.

Google photoの容量無制限がなしになりましたので優位性がなくなりました。しかしAmazonが

Amazon photos​という類似サービスを立ち上げました。こちらに切り替えましょう。


2. Store with online storage service ・ Transfer to PC and save to media.

You can upload and store your photo and video data to other online storage services. It is convenient for moving data to a personal computer or other smartphone.

There is a charge depending on the capacity, but you can upload it to the cloud for free up to about 5G. Google Drive is 15G free and easy to use. Degoo seems to be able to use 100G for free.

  1. Google drive

  2. Degoo

  3. Dropbox

  4. OneDrive

  5. Box

2. Save to a USB memory for smartphones or a computer with a cable (consumes the capacity of the device)

If you are worried about storing your data in a virtual space on the net, save it on your physical hardware. If you have a personal computer, you can burn it not only to a hard disk but also to a DVD. The easiest is a USB flash memory that can be directly connected to an iPhone.

2. Use the DVD creation service

In writing this article, I found out about Kitamura's camera and Studio Mario's "Smartphone Video Storage Service Photosta". It is a service that allows you to create a DVD from a smartphone video. There is also an option to print a still image from a video. It's enough if the purpose is to save without editing. The price seems to be reasonable, so why not consider it?


5. YouTubeにアップロードしてしまう


えっ?プライベートな動画をそんなことしたら恥ずかしい。と、思っていませんか? YouTubeには公開設定があり、自分しか見られないように設定したり一部の知り合い(親族)などにだけ公開したりとさまざまな利用ができます。後からダウンロードも可能。これは容量が無限に近いので実は一番賢い動画の保存方法。端末が壊れても動画は YouTubeサービスが終了するまで保存されるでしょう。ただし公開した時に問題がある危険行為やグロテスクな映像は AIに判断されて削除されてしまう可能性があります。日常風景ならまず問題ありません。 Googleのアカウントがあれば簡単に自分チャンネルが作成可能。試してみてはいかがでしょうか。


About video data issues that you may never see again


I don't feel like watching videos that are long and have poor video quality

For those who are accustomed to TV and popular YouTube content on a daily basis, the reality is that there is a lot of data that you don't feel like looking back at afterwards. Just cut and connect unnecessary parts of the video and insert BGM.

For those who are accustomed to TV and popular YouTube content on a daily basis, the reality is that there is a lot of data that you don't feel like looking back at afterwards. It is also recommended to try video editing because the video will be easy to see just by cutting and connecting unnecessary parts and adding BGM. It's fun to edit videos that aren't too long in combination with photos .



We are engaged in "music / voice" remodeling service. After working as a music creator and a salaryman, started an independent service. Every day, while receiving work orders from various clients who are worried about sound, I am also involved in video editing for music stages.

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