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Request for mix mastering of home-recorded instrumental music

We accept mix mastering of instrumental music. Self-recording work is already an essential skill for players who create original music. However, unlike live performances that directly convey the sense of presence, enriching the recorded work requires performance and another dimension of engineering technique. We are helping such musicians.


Music production is a new axis of profit and communication for musicians whose live activities are restricted by the corona. Whether it's live streaming from your room or if you want to pay for a song, the recording quality is high.

Of course, it is not uncommon in recent years for artists to complete their own mix mastering, including recording. However, it is necessary to accumulate know-how over a long period of time to get closer to the completed image of sound output. We would like to support you in the process of building self-engineering skills.






Restoration of multi-recording material

A musician who helped repair a sound crack in a multi-material recording material before. At that time, I also checked the music mix material, so I told him that I would help with the mix if I had the opportunity, and the other day I got a chance to help with the mix mastering of the sound source linked below.

Music by driving except for saxophone and electric guitar. After pre-processing the live instrument part, the entire mixed sound is created. Since we provide services on the Internet, remote work is the basis, and we work only by exchanging emails without witnessing.

Reference sound source essential for remote mixing work

Mixing the original sound source without the artist and engineer directly present makes it difficult to balance the volume of each instrument and share the timbre image. The reference sound source is important in such a case.

That where I am showing you a concrete music near-have sound image to complete the image of the composer. This is of paramount importance in remote mixing work. It is extremely difficult to share the subtle texture of each instrument in words, regardless of the members who have been with each other for a long time. The presence or absence of a reference song also makes a big difference in interpreting the comments that are issued. (The following video is the reference song presented at that time)



It is easy to get good results if you share an image as close as possible, such as A for the intro part and B for the overall balance . All the reference songs are live instruments, and if the requested song is a track with more than half of it, there is a limit to emulation. It is the ability of the engineer to build the essence and put it down well, or to capture the image of the artist .

Easy remote MIX mastering

Not only a mere mix, but also in a harsh recording environment outside the studio, the level of preparation of the material differs due to advanced audio restoration (noise removal and audio restoration). We are waiting for requests from artists who want to master the cost performance of mix mastering. (1 song / 3,500-20,000 yen, negotiable depending on the number of tracks and retakes, etc.)

Other genre songs that helped with other MIX work

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